All My Favorite Yaoi Ships by CrazyFangirl00000
All My Favorite Yaoi Shipsby CrazyFangirl00000
All of the yaoi anime and manga I like with pics and descriptions.
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My Only Girl (BOOK 2 of My Baby Girl) by ESMIECutiE
My Only Girl (BOOK 2 of My Baby Gi...by NUPhoneWhoDis?
"I, Jason Mours, Take you, Julia Brooks, to be my wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better and for worst, for richer and for poorer, in sickness...
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🦠 by theirsavior
🦠by 👨🏽‍💻
the book cover is nyla
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Perfect Match 2 | Oh Sehun ✓ by -idiosyncratic
Perfect Match 2 | Oh Sehun ✓by ˗ˏˋ ᴊᴇᴀɴɴɪᴇ ˊˎ˗
"Are you real?" "Please stop poking me." Welcome to PerfectMatch.com. Your soulmate awaits you. Started: 05/30/2018 Finished: 06/13/2018 Edited: 06/1...
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The Young Rick (Rick Sanchez x Reader) by ItsTotalyBlue
The Young Rick (Rick Sanchez x Rea...by Alyssa Sargent
Imagine a dimension where Rick is too young to have a Beth, meaning that Rick doesn't have somebody to go on adventures with (AKA no Morty). Now add yourself into the di...
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i have nothing to lose, tbh. © ava 2018
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Nienawidzę cię, Perseuszu Jacksonie! by Persiakowa532
Nienawidzę cię, Perseuszu Jacksoni...by Oliwia <3
W książkach Ricka ani razu nie pojawiła się Annabeth. Percy przeżył wszystko bez córki Ateny Siedemnastoletnia już dziewczyna trafia do obozu herosów gdzie poznaje równi...
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the skater & the dancer by Alyssaxnene
the skater & the dancerby Alyssa & Nene
can you tell which is which? probably not. actually, i can guarentee that you can't. not until they're revealed.
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Back to You | Oh Sehun by baekedbam
Back to You | Oh Sehunby baekedbam
"I'll come back to you Oh Sehun. One day."
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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V x Reader (FAMILY ONE SHOTS) (BOOK: 2) (ENDED) by inari-emperor
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V x Reader (FAMILY O...by ❄️ wonderful time ❄️
I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!
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SEHUUNI ||: سـِــيهُــونْيّ by OHLOLi_EXO94
SEHUUNI ||: سـِــيهُــونْيّby ✨ OH:S ✨
كـّ نُـقّطّةِ فــرآوِلةٍ ذآئِبةْ إمـّتُزجـتـّ فـّيهَآ الـفآنـِيلّآ الـحَلـيبّية النَآصِـعَة مـالذيّ جـَعلهُ مـَسحوراً بـِهآ ؟ عـينيهآ الـوآسِعة التّي تـَحّمِلُ بـِهِمَآ...
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Nessa🎄 by nessabrat
Nessa🎄by 🦌nєѕѕα🦌
princess nessa🎄
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SOS • SAVAGE OUR SOULS by 404notfound-
[PRIVATE ACAK] Status : ON GOING/HIATUS Main cast : Lim Yoon Ah, Oh Se Hoon and others 24/10/17
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Escape The Night (ALL STARS EDITION) by TheTypicalType_
Escape The Night (ALL STARS EDITIO...by TheTypicalType
All the deceased guests get another chance to fight for their life.. but who will survive?
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La Hermana de Irene {Sehun y Tú} by HolaLau
La Hermana de Irene {Sehun y Tú}by Oh Laura
Bae Joo Hyun o como todas la conocemos Irene de Red Velvet tiene una hermana menor que es una chica tranquila y sin preocupaciones, pero con un pasado que la atormenta. ...
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warmth ; park chanyeol by bbyixing
warmth ; park chanyeolby m.
"why do you stay, chanyeol?" warning: this story contains abuse.
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thegarfieldshow by HyumanBeingowu
thegarfieldshowby AFRAIDOFMYOWNHEAD
yes I am about to call this story thegarfieldshow it was just the funniest thing I could think of okay don't sue me
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Fallen//Calum Hood Au by calputonsomeboxers
Fallen//Calum Hood Auby BROOKE
A story of a girl, who gets her heartbroken but a guy, Calum, to whom she had met 6 months prior, and will have never been the same again.
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=My Reality= by XxKawaiiDereWolfxX
=My Reality=by XxKawaiiDereWolfxX
=Temporarily Discontinued=
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