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At the Waiting Shed [Haikyuu!!] by callmeallysa
At the Waiting Shed [Haikyuu!!]by 『𝔸𝕤𝕪𝕝𝕝𝕒』
He is charming and popular so he started to wonder how come the girl at the waiting shed didn't know him. She is quiet and mysterious and frequently smacks him with a pi...
Agathokakological by Ninecoco2005
Agathokakologicalby Ninecoco2005
Can you really be good and bad at the same time and not lose your mind? How long can one survive until they start to break and crumble away? How long until they lose the...
Just Until Sunrise by Shirogawakanase15
Just Until Sunriseby Shirogawakanase15
After the two escape the place, Dr. Kanou send the two twin out of Tokyo City. Nashiro was treated before going. Which brought a huge relief to Kurona. As she doesn't...
Intoxicated - A Takizawa and Kurona Story by TokyoGhoulAfterStory
Intoxicated - A Takizawa and TokyoGhoulAfterStory
What happens when two hearts that are trying to move on from their awful past meet? Takizawa wants to move on from his one sided love to Akira and finds a drunk Kurona w...