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Desperate (Daejae Boyxboy) by dontbeabarrel
Desperate (Daejae Boyxboy)by dontbeabarrel
Do you want to find out what happened to the boy who was locked away, fated to never see the daylight and to stay captive for the rest of his life? Well? Do you? How's...
  • daejae
  • angst
  • hunhan
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Gangster Princesses || B.A.P Fanfiction (ON HIATUS) by ChescaVenice18
Gangster Princesses || B.A.P Chesca Venice
When you have a big secret, your life can become pretty dangerous. Due to having to hide it, you need to become cautious of everything and everyone you meet. Even the pe...
  • matoki
  • dark
  • babyz
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My little Youngjae by dontbeabarrel
My little Youngjaeby dontbeabarrel
Yes, this is a daejae fanfic.. A precaution would be; don't let the title fool you ;^)
  • himchan
  • jongup
  • yaoi
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Heart Rate by dontbeabarrel
Heart Rateby dontbeabarrel
Youngjae has a weak heart. Literally. And it isn't helping him that an a cursed HRM is practically strapped permanently to his wrist for at least a week. Will Daehyun he...
  • oneshot
  • bắp
  • youngjae
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Four parallel universes. One elaborate heist. One Beagle Line Investigation Squad. One elusive thief. One game. Be the star of your own mystery/thriller story as amateur...
  • heist
  • beagle
  • kkaebsong
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one shots by dontbeabarrel
one shotsby dontbeabarrel
Random shots (may be more than just one) 1- Parallel world (Composed of three Chapters) 2- Another 3-Death Wish 4- Give way 5-Dance Fusion 6- Across the Table
  • supernatural
  • matoki
  • baponeshots
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husky voice; k.hc by JunhoesAvocado
husky voice; k.hcby ethan
his arms wrap around me embracing me with his body. his hands roam over my skin, heating me up. our bodies melt together, acting like one. he moves his mouth closer to m...
  • tatsmato
  • bxg
  • koreanpop
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Touch by dontbeabarrel
Touchby dontbeabarrel
  • oneshot
  • daejaeangst
  • baponeshot
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Sorry..[daejae fanfic] by dontbeabarrel
Sorry..[daejae fanfic]by dontbeabarrel
Being the lost cause he is, will Youngjae ever get something good in his life? or will he just end it and reduce any more sufferings before it would happen? And who is...
  • angst
  • zelo
  • daejae
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Please don't cry [matoki/B.A.P oneshot] by dontbeabarrel
Please don't cry [matoki/B.A.P dontbeabarrel
its a story about daejae's friendship in matoki version sorry if its a bunch of junk so here ya go. enjoy~
  • matoplanet
  • daejae
  • youngjae
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The Night Before Easter by MrsDerpy728
The Night Before Easterby Chowwy
Uhmm... how can I explain this book? XD Well, it's similar but not exactly the same as The Night Before Christmas. Yeah... that's all I got. Enjoy~
  • matoki
  • easter
  • angst
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Love is the greatest magic by dontbeabarrel
Love is the greatest magicby dontbeabarrel
Almost just about anything can happen in a magic show.
  • fluff
  • jungdaehyun
  • jaedae
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We Make it Work... Most of the Time? by FailedSammich
We Make it Work... Most of the LemonKiwiCandy
Long ago the goddess Harmonia gave dragons and humans a mark that bound them together to finally end the war between them. Now centuries later a group of boys and their...
  • totomato
  • dadamato
  • jokomato
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Escape From Dimension Z (B.A.P) by HyoYomin
Escape From Dimension Z (B.A.P)by HyoYomin
What happens when you send a group of highly trained killers to a different dimension? What happens when those people are beloved popstars? B.A.P, a popular Korean pop g...
  • kpop
  • youngjae
  • bangyongguk
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B.A.P (비에이피) Facts by estiepabon
B.A.P (비에이피) Factsby Wings
B.A.P (Korean: 비에이피; an acronym for Best Absolute Perfect) is a six-member hip-hop South Korean group formed in 2011 under the management of TS Entertainment. On January...
  • jongup
  • bestabsoluteperfect
  • kpop
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Aliens Are Real? (A B.A.P. Fan-fiction) by babyzealot
Aliens Are Real? (A B.A.P. babyzealot
Hyerin is a relatively normal girl, with a relatively normal life. She appreciates peace and quiet. What will happen when her peaceful life is disturbed by six hot alien...
  • matoki
  • kpop
  • himchan
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BAPS Chatroom by Nxnaacx
BAPS Chatroomby #MegaTH0t
6 aliens from matoki planet discovers a human social media called "group chats"... Let's see what happens next :)
  • kekemato
  • yongguk
  • totomato
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[Đoản][B.A.P/ BangDae+ HimUp+JaeLo] Khi Matoki đến thăm nhà B.A.P by QuynhAnhMika
[Đoản][B.A.P/ BangDae+ Mika
Au: Mika ( Bánh Phô Mai) Disclaimer: Nhân vật không thuộc về au. Au viết với mục đích phi lợi nhuận và để thoả mãn lòng yêu thích của môt con shipper Fandom:B.A.P - B.A...
  • daehyun
  • youngjae
  • yongguk
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