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Meant to Be (Kiingtong and Shubble) *COMPLETED* by hnybread
Meant to Be (Kiingtong and thk
A cringy Kiibble fanfic 13 year old me created
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Unconditional Love // Will x Shubble // Kiibble by langdonsfics
Unconditional Love // Will x hey welcome
Am I dreaming? Am I thinking? Am I in love? Is he real? or is this just one of the curiosities of my brain. Told in Different Perspectives DISCLAIMER: Mature Content...
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•Kiibble• The unfortunate story  by kiwipoppie
•Kiibble• The unfortunate story by Ki
Kibble - A weird relationship has been happening between the friend group. Hate Love Happiness Sadness [BEING EDITED]
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The Unexpected Life ~#kibble fanfic (Shelby x Will)~Discontinued! by TbhJazlyn
The Unexpected Life ~#kibble TbhJazlyn
DISCONTINUED!! :(( I really need to go on more. Ill be posting a new story like this type but its not going to be on this ship anymore. I was honestly shipping pebble :)...
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Hiding | Kiibble Fanfiction by gracelxirs
Hiding | Kiibble Fanfictionby grace
Shelby is stuck in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Daniel. (DANIEL IS A MADE UP CHARACTER). Daniel, is an alchoholic. He gets drunk way too much and angry way...
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Who do I love? ( Kiibble V. Shubomb) by Mouiii123
Who do I love? ( Kiibble V. ol ol
It was 2 weeks before Vidcon, and the gang ( Shelby, Liam, Graser, Will) decided to meet up at Shelby's place. Shelby and Liam have liked each other since the day they m...
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Little Dreams ~A Kiibble Fanfic by LeGayBaguette
Little Dreams ~A Kiibble Fanficby ~Emily~
"I love you..." "I love you too..." He perfect. he's handsome, smart, hes kind... Here wrapped up in his arms, I realize something... I never want th...
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Last First Kiss by below_average_teen
Last First Kissby XunknownX
When a lonely girl, meets her internet friends, what could go wrong?.... or.... Right?
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Love At First Sight by _pufflegurl_
Love At First Sightby _pufflegurl_
This is a fanfic about shubble x kiingtong. Which meaning in reality they're not dating well at least that's what we know for now 😏 lol Jkjk. Don't get me wrong I ship...
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Kiingtong and Shubble A Prince Finds His Princess by tapdance1122
Kiingtong and Shubble A Prince Aleigha <3
After knowing each other for a few months know Shelby and will are best of friends but this year at vidcon will they find out they are much more:) Find out in my story...
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A Kiing meets his queen by Kittens15love
A Kiing meets his queenby MoMo
This is from my primary account. If you've already read this the first two chapters will be the same then I will write more.
Kiible 💎 shubble × kiingtong💎 by Randomstories1213
Kiible 💎 shubble × kiingtong💎by Randomstories1213
its fait for shelby and will where they find love and then there is Graser
(DISCONTINUED) Is it Love? - A #KIIBBLE fanfic! by bayleebob01
(DISCONTINUED) Is it Love? - A bayleebob01
In this story , Will and his fiance Lizzie are on their way to L.A for Vidcon. While they are at Vidcon, Will runs into another youtuber. Find out what happens when you...
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Kiing and Queen (A Kiibble Fanfiction) by maliaannrawr
Kiing and Queen (A Kiibble Leo
This is a fanfiction about two minecraft YouTubers named Shubble (Shelby) and Kiingtong (Will). Ither ships sail, but the end result will be Kiibble.
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Finding My Lost Lover by kiwipoppie
Finding My Lost Loverby Ki
Shelby has to find Will. But it's going to be a long journey. Traveling the world to find her love...But what if he has already gone.
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