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Contrato De Boda  (chengyi) by persefonedoll
Contrato De Boda (chengyi)by persefone
El líder de la secta gusu Lan xichen con el líder de la secta yunmeng ,Jiang Fengmian realizan un trato de alianza entre ambas sectas a través de un matrimonio arregl...
Promise - LSZ x LJY fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
Promise - LSZ x LJY fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Summary: Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi, together with their fellow GusuLan sect disciples, were tasked to go to the Mo Village to exterminate the walking corpses plaguing t...
Past MDZS went to the future by ember__yyi
Past MDZS went to the futureby Ember_yyiii
Timeline: a few days WWX,JC an NH went to Gusu to study Characters: Wei Wuxian=Wei Ying Lan Zhan=Lan Wangji Lan Xichen=Lan Huan Jiang Cheng=Wanying Nei Huaisang=Huaisang...
Secret by JMercygnanaanba
Secretby Mer__cy
This is a one shot of Lan Xichen x Lan Jingyi. Its simple, A night hunt went wrong and Xichen and Jingyi were trapped in a cave.
Back to the Past  by zaidaw75
Back to the Past by zaida
When Wei Ying destroyed the Stygian Tiger Amulet his soul got thrown back to the past into his nine year old body just before Sect Leader Jiang found him. But somebody e...
Baby Wei Ying?! by ppanda_is_here
Baby Wei Ying?!by ppanda_is_here
The story took place 6 years after wei ying died. After wei ying's death lan zhan went to everywhere wherever is chaos just to search for wei ying. One day on his way ba...
REMEMBER ME (Under Major Editing) by LanCeline93
REMEMBER ME (Under Major Editing)by 乔斯林 魏蓝
"Please give me another chance to prove myself to you, I promise I won't waste this chance only if you let me" said Lan Zhan What if during the events at Guan...
FAMILY MATTERS  by mxtxlover143
FAMILY MATTERS by appleradio666🍎📻
In this AU where Wen (Wei) Yuan had almost witnessed the death of one of his parents. In this AU where Lan Wangji took A-Yuan away after the death of his Wei Ying. In th...
Life After Marriage: A Collection Of Short Stories On Wangxian by Wangxiandreamer0914
Life After Marriage: A Collection...by Wangxiandreamer0914
This book is mainly a collection of short stories on Wangxian after their marriage. it contains one-shots of their lives along with little ducklings and other family mem...
back with different past(the wish) by SomchaiSaelim
back with different past(the wish)by atin
After everyone finds out the Truth that it was Jin guang Yao all along everything kinda went back to normal to wwx. It was Jin ling birthday and he hated people talking...
Wangxian - The Road Not Taken by shreydave
Wangxian - The Road Not Takenby shreydave
what if JGY's plan works and the siege on burial mounds is a success. what will happen to wwx ? will lwj still be with him ? ___________________________________________...
Prayers never answered by JewelzLibrary
Prayers never answeredby JewelzLibrary
For thousands of years, many people whether in cultivation or not would pray to the gods for all kinds of help. Some would pray just to have something to believe in. oth...
Memories by ppanda_is_here
Memoriesby ppanda_is_here
It's been a long time since Lan Zhan having a strange dream where a man in black and red robes dies in front of his eyes. Because of some unknown reasons he feels sharp...
Viviendo 30 Días Juntos (ZhuiYi) (MDZS) by amo_leer_tob
Viviendo 30 Días Juntos (ZhuiYi) (...by amo_leer_tob
Lan Sizhui quiere empezar a vivir solo pero sus padres no quieren que este completamente solo por lo cual le dan la opción de que viva durante 30 días con quien el quier...
𝙱𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝙸𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚜𝚝!? (Under Editing) by L0nLyCh1Ch1
𝙱𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝙸𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚜𝚝!? (U...by M1TCH:)
"Ok so what's you're plan?" "No idea" . . . On a particular night hunt lan shen must have touched something to bring her and his big brother to...
Wangxian// Unbreaklable Love// COMPLETED by YW_001
Wangxian// Unbreaklable Love// COM...by YW_001
Wei Wuxian was thrown out by the cultivation world... All of them hurt him including Lan Zhan... What will happen when they meet again after long 6 years... ONGOING...
Watching Mo Dao Zu Shi by antaekku
Watching Mo Dao Zu Shiby Anicka S.
This is based from the novel so basically it's reading but for the characters it is watching memories playing in front of them so I named it "Watching Mo Dao Zu Shi...
A Flower Of Youth by moonlit_dewdrops
A Flower Of Youthby moonlit_dewdrops
Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi are both young teenagers, eager to impress their older disciples and seniors, especially Hanguang-Jun. What adventures (and troubles) will the...
Short Story of XiCheng [✓] by -Kazehayashii
Short Story of XiCheng [✓]by Kaze
just some short Story of them I've write in my book. ⚠️ warning ⚠️ -bxb -will be a lot of angst -typo -bad grammar
Our future by A_ying_28
Our futureby A_ying_28
Wei Wuxian is studying at Gusu, when he and several others are told to go to Jingshi. Our young heroes arrive only to find the juniors and an unknown talisman. How will...