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JENLISA ONE-SHOT by forjenniekim
Stories that pop out in my head ❤ An idea that comes from my playful imagination ❤ Originally posted on AMINO App (by me: RUBY JANE 🐼) P.S : Ain't real. Pure fiction 📗
LISA by Jendeuk_M
LISAby 🌻
jentop lisabottom
The Send off (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
The Send off (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
Know your battles . . . when is it too much Originally Camren, Converted to Jenlisa A/N: All credits goes to the author and will be taken down if requested. Warning: g/p
Jisoo and Jennie were divorced 5 years ago,until they met again in a wedding of a mutual friends.Getting drunk and sleeping together one more time would change their liv...
All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
All I Do is Dream of You (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
A Jenlisa AU wherein Jennie is an artist and Lisa is an actress Jenlisa Adaptation A/N: This story is not mine. All credits goes to the author and will be taken down imm...
Sweet Bites (TAENNIE ADAPTION) by rebecca14wva
Sweet Bites (TAENNIE ADAPTION)by rebecca14wva
If you guys have read the Manhwa "Sweet Bite Marks", this is my Taennie version of it. Jennie Ruby Jane was a human. Kim Taehyung was a vampire. Will this stor...
Notes (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
Notes (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
About a summer where two opposite worlds clash. Infatuation, jealousy, love and mysteries unravel threatening to pull two young girl apart. Jenlisa Adaptation A/N: The s...
It doesn't have to be real. | TAENNIE by rebecca14wva
It doesn't have to be real. | rebecca14wva
Jennie and Taehyung were college mates. They knew each other but are not friends. "We arranged a marriage for you." "WHAT!? Mom! It's my life and you nev...
I Hate Everything About You || Jensoo by xxclosed1316xx
I Hate Everything About You || [D]
Jennie and Jisoo have been married for ten years...things aren't going that put it mildly - Jensoo converted Original story by ©betterlIeftbIank
Jensoo > Story Of J (One Shot Or Multishot)  by dimpleanddumpling
Jensoo > Story Of J (One Shot Or KJ
All about Jensoo here. Started:12 April 2021
If It's For You, I'll Stay (One-Shot Compilation) | Jenlisa by thesilentcommittee
If It's For You, I'll Stay ( 🦖
A compilation of Jenlisa One Shots
SAY YES  by jensooownsme
SAY YES by jensooownsme
Jennie falling in love with Jisoo, but that wasn't the plan ?
T A C E N D A | Chaesoo | Chaenie   by BrOOmCorn
T A C E N D A | Chaesoo | Chaenie by BrooMCorn
tacenda (n.) things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence The Kims sister, Jisoo and Jennie fall for the same person. Who will win Chaeng heart and...
Jennie Oneshots/Imagines by legaycees
Jennie Oneshots/Imaginesby A🦋ミ☆
just some cute, fluffy, angsty, filled stories about jennie gxg no G!P or smut
Open Your Eyes (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
Open Your Eyes (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
The one where Lisa's been having a pretty crappy day and gets home to find a stranger crying on her couch. Stranger turns out to be best friends with her roommate, Rosé...
My End Game (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
My End Game (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
Five years later, they meet again in New York. When the leaves are turning gold. Of growing up, moving on, and the chance to begin again. Originally Camren, Converted t...
My heart only wants you... by _Rosieblinks_
My heart only wants sheffy
after many up and downs chae and Jennie fall in love with each other but... something happens and Jennie lost chae one day chae appears but her condition is something w...
Chances With You // Jennie X Reader by dnalmighty
Chances With You // Jennie X Readerby dalmighty
When Tyler Park, the school's well-known naughty boy encounters Jennie Kim, will he be able to win her heart or will he only become a dog on a leash? Jennie X Reader
Falling For You | VSOO (Postponed) by Vsoofiqz
Falling For You | VSOO (Postponed)by Vsoofiqz
Falling fro you (Forever) is a fanfictional story that includes Old teens, or young adults that studies on this well-known university (Sunset Coast Valley, University)...