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i'm fine 2 by TNSrichozzy
i'm fine 2by <3
the second part of "Im fine"💕
Betrayal by ImaSavageWeirdo
Betrayalby ImaSavageWeirdo
After Davis leaves the next step, Elliot joins. Noah seems to be the only one who suspects him. Can he stop him from ruining A troupes chance at regionals? And at what c...
Instagram Book- The next step by RubyCannon
Instagram Book- The next stepby ruby x
The next step characters Instagram posts!
Behind The Spotlight by LittleBird2810
Behind The Spotlightby Little Bird
Being part of The Next Step Dance Studio is a dream coming true. She still can't believe she got in. But even though it all sounds amazing, it's not as easy as it seems...
New Life-The Next Step by Bat177
New Life-The Next Stepby Bat177
Henry and Noah plan to move onto thier new lives with thier new girlfriends. Even after Jacquie and Noah broke up they stayed good friends. Richelle filled the hole in N...
Afterlife by Bat177
Afterlifeby Bat177
Sequel to new life. This is a small sequal onto how everyone getting set 2 years after the 2nd internationals win. We will go through everyone and what's going on at the...
Keep Your Shirt On, Noah 3 by mockingariana_
Keep Your Shirt On, Noah 3by Alishea
Finally rid of Jacquie, Noah and Richelle are feeling safe at The Next Step... Until they are both kidnapped and held hostage! Who is this man that somehow knows Noah, d...
the next step-how it could've been by Bat177
the next step-how it could've beenby Bat177
set in season 5. in this AU Emily never got injured and took Shantells spot at internationals. she won and then left for a year. in that year Riley became studio head. E...
Noaquie fan fiction (VERY SLOW UPDATES) by AC4747000
Noaquie fan fiction (VERY SLOW UPD...by AC4747000
Noah's the new kid at The next step and he meets a girl he really likes, does she feel the same way?
Milton High School (A TNS Story) by Springdancer
Milton High School (A TNS Story)by Heathizzy
Have you ever wondered what is it like for TNS characters to be in high school? Well, you're about to find out?
the next lover by keleighfahey
the next loverby keleighfahey
Jacquie and Noah get in another fight.And it is strange of what Noah shouts at her
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The Next Step Season 7 by zazanation
The Next Step Season 7by ZAZA
"After a major win at Regional TNS is now getting ready for Nationals, with Noah and Michelle gone the studio struggles to get back on the road to competition. New...
milton high by galaxyruler123
milton highby galaxyruler123
this is a spin off of the milton high made by my bestie @springdancer. The grammar may me off here and there but overall it is great.
Your Embrace (Book 2) by FanficMajestic
Your Embrace (Book 2)by Unicorn🦄
"I miss your embrace." Richelle states as she hears the voices of Michelle and Emily. Noah and Richelle start to fully believe in their relationship, but there...
Aftermath by those90sdays
Aftermathby its-a me, mario !
After Richelle and Jacquie pass away in a car accident, Noah refuses to believe they're really gone, leading to major consequences that will affect his friendships, rela...
The Next Step - Euphoric {ON HOLD} by darc78
The Next Step - Euphoric {ON HOLD}by darc78
After being dragged to The Next Step Dance Studio by her ex dance teacher, Adriana finds a familiar face and new relationships are tested in more ways than one. The Next...
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