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The Other Side by Phasmoo
The Other Sideby RumpyJupiter32
New Orderia is an earth based government known for its technological advancements, heroism,and doing idiotic things for survival. You see they chose the coldest, most un...
I surrender | Short story (mxm) COMPLETED by Ghost_Of_Tokyo
I surrender | Short story (mxm) Ghost_Of_Tokyo
Harrison is a well-respected surgeon in his forties and Theo is an inter in his twenties. The two are connected by their work and similar interests. Harrison is suppose...
ARCADE | Rebić by miranchuk-
ARCADE | Rebićby 𝐒𝐯𝐞𝐭𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐚
'Small-town boy in a big arcade I got addicted to a losing game.'
Quid Pro Quo [ÉLITE] by TheOthxrSxde
Quid Pro Quo [ÉLITE]by SaVvY
"It's the unknown that draws people." ― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly, [Samuel x OC] [ÉLITE: SEASON ONE] [BOOK ONE] [Disclaimer: I do not own É...
One Page Stories by beloved_rathod
One Page Storiesby sneha R
One page or say one scene stories are here😍💙
joaquín correa by RosariaDeCristofaro
joaquín correaby _utente_a_caso_
Greta Romano, 24 anni, calciatrice Joaquín Correa, 27, calciatore Greta viene da un paesino in provincia di Roma, da una famiglia molto ricca ma umile, composta da lei...
Games // Sidemen by dixonhemmo
Games // Sidemenby fxckhemmo
"It's just a game to you." I said quickly, lowering my head. "If you think that there is definitely something wrong I-" before he could continue I c...
Broken (RWBY Story)  by caution22
Broken (RWBY Story) by Gatekeeper
Alex a kid who was in a car crash his parents died. He is haunted by this fact he feels he has nothing to live for. He has hallucinations of his parents and them blaming...
Gabriel Barbosa || INSTAGRAM by andreron7
Gabriel Barbosa || INSTAGRAMby AndreaRonaldo
FanFiction Instagram su Gabriel Barbosa
Living with the Rito, Revali x Reader by BestiaryKnowledge
Living with the Rito, Revali x Nicholas
A young hylain gets a taste of what it's like to be one of the Rito people with a rather strange friend at her side.
Manami Sangaku x Reader [Yowamushi Pedal Fanfiction] by Masa-Yume
Manami Sangaku x Reader [ Masayume 『正夢』
Manami and Shiomi are both first years, who just started highschool at Hakone Academy. They are the total opposite of each other, but that still doesn't stop them from b...
Some funny LGBTGIAA+ memes by Sakura78Blossom
Some funny LGBTGIAA+ memesby Sakura
funny part is... I got these from wattpad...
Free . by skisong
Free .by aspartic acid
i like somebody. ive told countless strangers who it is but not a single friend.
From another world [REBORN] by astral-shadows
From another world [REBORN]by Astral-shadows
It was another day in the normal world, Jasmine and her friends were on a plane to New York with their whole lives sorted out until heroes from the MCU cross over into t...