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Small Styles by thelarrieswriting
Small Stylesby thelarrieswriting
Louis has always been too caring. Harry has always been too needy to even think much about being caring. Louis has always been bored out of his mind when he's not out wi...
Sarah's Return to Childhood. by AnOdd01
Sarah's Return to Anon Smith
Sarah had always been a small girl for her 13 years. She made up for this with a bold attitude and a willingness to fight. Unfortunately, one fateful fight would end up...
Planets and Pacifiers (ABDL/Furry/Sci-Fi) by horatiohusky
Planets and Pacifiers (ABDL/ horatiopup!
Poor Apollo, he's been sent on a boring freightor mission in outer space. He doesn't deserve such a dull job, he should be taking on dangerous missions and exploring wh...
All People Great and Small - (ABDL/Furry) by horatiohusky
All People Great and Small - ( horatiopup!
Follow the story of a military-trained lynx and her journey through a world with a bad case of gigantism and a touch of magic. Will Star come to terms with her fantasie...
the dream of my life TBDL by Baby_furry
the dream of my life TBDLby Baby_furry
could happen if you want to imagine that it happened now i have had a request for this so i will do this story and i will add some information that is real but it is up...
Big Hero 6 Diaper Fiction  Hiro Hamada by AnimeDiaperz
Big Hero 6 Diaper Fiction Hiro AnimeDiaperz
Hiro accidently tells Baymax that he's a baby of about 14 months old.
Patient 0731 (ABDL/Bondage/Furry) by horatiohusky
Patient 0731 (ABDL/Bondage/Furry)by horatiopup!
A curious fox finds that going urban exploring has its own costs and risks, and sometimes the consequences are a little more restrictive than fine and a slap on the wris...