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All I Have To Give by Bubblez411
All I Have To Giveby AJ
A compilation of original fanfiction based on the Backstreet Boys; including BWWM, fluff, smut, slash, and other preferences.
History by FrickingKaos
Historyby Tracy P
The year is 2011, and Kevin has been away from the Backstreet Boys since 2005. When he decides to throw himself back into things again and rejoin after taking a break, w...
Jizzle Of Oz by FrickingKaos
Jizzle Of Ozby Tracy P
He opened the bus door and gasped "I don't think we're in Florida anymore..." (This is a parody of The Wizard Of Oz movie) This is one of my very very old sto...
Backstreet Boys Imagines!! by NessaBSB
Backstreet Boys Imagines!!by Vanessa
Hey!! So theres not many Backstreet Boys fanfics/imagine on wattpad so I decided to make some!!! Inbox me for requests, vote and comment Follow for more
Finding Carter by FrickingKaos
Finding Carterby Tracy P
Nick Carter is tired of living in Orlando and can't wait to get away from everything. When he moves to Tampa to start college, he will find something a little more than...
When I Grow Up by FrickingKaos
When I Grow Upby Tracy P
At the age of 13, Nick Carter wanted nothing more than ot be treated like an adult. When he gets his wish...he will realize being a grown up isn't as much fun as he thou...
Backstreet boys imagines by vinekid21
Backstreet boys imaginesby Bad Bitch
Just a fair warning this is the first ever book I have written, but I love BSB so I thought I would write some imagines about them because I don't see enough of them
What Happens On Backstreet, STAYS On Backstreet: A Backstreet Boys Fanfic by DeanWinchestersBitch
What Happens On Backstreet, Raven Quinn-Winchester
What happens when Brian, Nick, Kevin, Howie, and AJ come head to head with five of their female fans, who are in an all-girl BSB tribute band known as Front Road Girls...
Dont Wanna Lose You Now by Annavyquynh
Dont Wanna Lose You Nowby Anna
this is my first ever story lmao. it will contain 15 chapters. and i would love if you voted or just liking it. andddd please be nice. Time zone: 1998 anyways its about...
Howie D Little sister by NickJonasLAFan
Howie D Little sisterby NickJonasFan
Howie D was a member of the Backstreet Boys he loved his fans but most importantly his little sister who happens to be a fan and is very protective of her what happens w...
Reflections by FrickingKaos
Reflectionsby Tracy P
A collection of one shots I wrote with each BSB in their own POV. The Way Things Were : Nick Show Em What You're Made Of: Brian You Need Love: Howie Changes: Kevin ...
AJ McLean Best Friend by NickJonasLAFan
AJ McLean Best Friendby NickJonasFan
Rissa was a fan of the BackStreet Boys for 20 years and had been since she was little and was going to see her best friend AJ McLean they had been Best Friends since the...
Nick Carter Biggest Fan by NickJonasLAFan
Nick Carter Biggest Fanby NickJonasFan
Nick Carter was a member of the BackStreet Boys loves his fans and what happens when he meets his biggest fan will he fall in love
All I want is you? Chris brown x Howie Dorough On Hold by SashaPinkCatsaw
All I want is you? Chris brown x Sasha
Two lawyers who become best friends. a employee Chris brown who is a vampire and His Human Co boss Howie Dorough Accidentally fall in love. but Howie has a boy friend hi...
Quit Playing Games by Millenniumgirl
Quit Playing Gamesby Millenniumgirl
When a new artist "Ava lee" is breaking out she gets invited on a tour to be an opening act on the backstreet boy tour. When she gets there so automatically ge...
ROADIE by Bubblez411
Amaya "Maya'' Harris's summer job turns into a life changing experience. She gets a chance to be the newest Roadie for the hot new boy band, Backstreet Boys. A chil...
You Don't Need To Be Small If Your Heart Is Big by Diamondsburnbright15
You Don't Need To Be Small If Diamond
In every story the skinny girl always gets the guy. Well this is not that story. (I was gonna put the description of the story here, but I decided to just let you all r...
We Are The Legacy by HopeSolo20
We Are The Legacyby Selena Hope
Spin Off from, "Best Friends." The gang grew up and now they are all married and have kids. The kids are close like their parents were. Family friends, Devin...
Friends  ll Backstreet Boys by Cristi_C_
Friends ll Backstreet Boysby Cristina_123
I looked into his eyes, and I can't figure out how I could be so blind. Sorry, my English is bad. I hope you will enjoy it.
Every Girls Fantasy (The Celebrity Life) by BigCountryfan
Every Girls Fantasy (The Mary Viola
The story is now called "The Celebrity Life". I changed the cover, finally! It wouldn't make sense if there was a Nick Jonas picture, and I had all these famou...