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Gives You Hell (Dramione Love Story) by toosmall808
Gives You Hell (Dramione Love Malia
First book in the GAUNT TRILOGY! Good girls are always the ones to go Bad. And once they go bad they don't ever come back. Hermione Granger has always been the Mudblood...
The Madcap Laughs (Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett) by TheJessFiles
The Madcap Laughs (Pink Floyd/ Jessica Mulder
The story is set in 1967/1968 around the time of Syd Barrett's departure from Pink Floyd. The chapters are set so as each one is an event in his life that may have inspi...
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Chemical Jar x Earth/Globe (GOB) by FriesYummer
Chemical Jar x Earth/Globe (GOB)by FriesYummy
A random OneShots of chemical jar and earth or globe lol.... please....i never saw any chemical jar x Earth at all
Quiet Peace by sunny_sammy1234
Quiet Peaceby Sam <3
Poems❤ for you and for me this is actually the second part of a series of poetry books. The first one is available on my page and is called "Severed Silence"
Clockwork Lives by Snowdrop07
Clockwork Livesby Abby Meyer
An anthology of love and lies; choice and change; fate and free will. Lives interlocking like clockwork and yet not at all like clockwork.
Y type Globe Valve Manufacturer in India by specialityvalve5
Y type Globe Valve Manufacturer valves only
Y type globe valve can be used for any liquid, powder or gas. It is well suited for high pressure. The Bolted Bonnet Y-Pattern Globe Valve is a durable, high-performance...
A world in his hand by JeffreyD
A world in his handby Jeffrey D
Short story about the wonders of Christmas and the magic found in the eyes of a boy. Discover what is inside the world of a snow globe.
Unintented Smile by kartikaadwik
Unintented Smileby kartikaadwik
Sometimes, smile is the best solution for your problem. When you can't solve it now, smile for it for now. Even it's fake, but at least, it doesn't give you more harm.
Witness Relocation by amhackett
Witness Relocationby Audrey Hackett
Witness Relocation is a Young Adult fantasy short story I describe as Harry Potter meets The Twilight Zone . Holly witnesses another student use his powers inappropriate...
This is a Snowglobe by owlmac
This is a Snowglobeby Maya (Mac)
Mankind, Humanity, Pride, and a Snowglobe A thief receives an unexpected visit from a mysterious man who gives him a mysterious gift. When he never sees him again, he t...
Paint me a picture by ItsNeverTooLate182
Paint me a pictureby Aoife
Because all ends have a beginning this just wasn't the one you where expecting .