Breaking Girl Code  by AshleyOrsino
Breaking Girl Code by Ashley Orsino™
"I hate you, Blake Jackson", I bring my hands up to his face, as his arms snake around my waist. "I hate you too, Madison Alvarez", he closes the ga...
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Girl Code - an nrdd story - eunice nwaji by hi_its_euni_123
Girl Code - an nrdd story - darkskinqueenz
When you make promises, you keep them. But I guess for Dawn, it's not very long.
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Girl Code 101 by -Jinxed-
Girl Code 101by JINXED
The Girl Code - the guidelines and unwritten rules a girl must follow in order to maintain their position of relevance in the girls community and strengthen their bonds...
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  • humour
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REINA | Reversed Plot #3 by Hypothe-tical
REINA | Reversed Plot #3by Hypothe-tical
She was there when we were kidnapped. She'd held my hand as we were transported halfway across the globe to the Tower and we'd always stuck together. Like white on rice...
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Polygamy Dating: The Diary Of A Side Chick by IamNikkiCharllotte04
Polygamy Dating: The Diary Of A IamNikkiCharllotte04
Often we are called bitches,sluts,Men snatchers but.. does anybody ever consider our feelings? Perhaps why we do the things we do? Have you ever just thought of all we g...
  • trust
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  • betrayal
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The Girl Code | complete by LeanneGair
The Girl Code | completeby Leanne Gair
When it comes to teenage girls friendships there are a set of rules you must adhere to, these are grouped together as one code, otherwise known as the girl code. Youve...
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The Girl Code by BrisaAiko
The Girl Codeby BrisaAiko
"The Girl Code" is a set of rules that all besties (girl besties) follow. These rules include: 1) Don't have a crush on your besties crush 2) Don't fight over...
  • newschool
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Breaking Girl Code by sashazhane
Breaking Girl Codeby Sasha Zhane
Girl Code. So many rules, and yet only one that matters. #1- Your friend's boyfriend and/or ex-boyfriend is completely and utterly off limits. What happens when Valent...
  • love
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DIBS by Mack3224
DIBSby Mack3224
pl. n. \ˈdibz\ A claim; rights Aphrodite Wallace called dibs on Chase Reynolds in fifth grade. Her best friend, Abbey Cooper, never cared until their junior year. Aphr...
  • rules
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Three's A Crowd (#WattysLonglist) by ChasingMadness24
Three's A Crowd (#WattysLonglist)by Kyra Blackthorn
"Two is company, three is going to drive me to the verge of insanity." * Eighteen- year- old college bound Emily Mayer isn't ready to leave the comforting nes...
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