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A Wolf and A Vampire by RaiderWolf
A Wolf and A Vampireby RaiderWolf
Aro never had a mate like his brothers which made for a very boring three thousand years of undead life. He and his brothers go to Forks to deal with a Cullen problem a...
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Rammstein by OnlyAnOhioGirl
Rammsteinby A
When eighteen year old Avery Friedrich goes to Germany for a class trip she thinks about how this gives her a chance to discover more about her German ancestors but she'...
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The Seventh by Rammoj
The Seventhby Mojo Ssh
To Emma, home wasn't a place, it was her family of six who basically raised her on the road.
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What would Rammstein say? by RosenrotKruspe
What would Rammstein say?by FreauKruspe
just a random funny stuff where the writer imagined a lot of funny scenes played by our belovers All rights are for the owner "tillsdoppelganger"
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Rammstein preferences!! by ILOVERammstein666
Rammstein preferences!!by ILOVERammstein666
Right since there's not a lot of these I decided I would love to start one, I found my inspiration from rammgurl, I would highly recommend reading her works!! If anyon...
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Random Rammstein Dialogs/Stories by rammfan52
Random Rammstein Dialogs/Storiesby Lia
Just really random stories where Rammstein does really random shit that doesn't make sense XD I do not own rammstein
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☩✞Gib mir mehr von dir✞☩-- One-Shots RAMMSTEIN by _Noddle_
☩✞Gib mir mehr von dir✞☩-- One-Sho...by Noddle
Pequeñas historias mas homosexuales que yo. Aquí puro hard, así que las nalguitas de Flake sufrirán.
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Rammstein memes  by Christoph_Drummer
Rammstein memes by Christoph_Hot_Drummer
Rammstein memes
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What you Don't See from Rammstein by ghostein_stereo
What you Don't See from Rammsteinby Chicken Nuggies
There's no definite storyline. A different story takes place every time. Also, each story takes place in different time periods (*previous applies* unless stated otherwi...
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Calming Fire by RaiderWolf
Calming Fireby RaiderWolf
Rammstein gets a new pyro designer, but is she just that?
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Would you rather *Rammstein* by Christoph_Drummer
Would you rather *Rammstein*by Christoph_Hot_Drummer
Would you rather Rammstein edition
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Midnight by wolfkami_
Midnightby A person you'll probably neve...
A story about sprinkle vampires. Thank u aph for this hilarious story
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It'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKE by TheOneAndOnlyTable
It'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKEby ChoowyToons
It'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKEIt'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKEIt'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKEIt'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKEIt'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKEIt'S TiMe FOr BrAKe aT fLaKEI...
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Sent To The 100 ||Lexa Kom Trikru/Woods|| (Discontinued) by Multifandotakugirl
Sent To The 100 ||Lexa Kom Trikru...by Alexis Bryle
One of the Best agents 'Mist' from the Red Room Killed to prove a point and to cut losses, she wished to be sent to Her favourite show...Which she sneaked out every nigh...
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Bück Dich by ghostein_stereo
Bück Dichby Chicken Nuggies
Till Lindemann accidentally rapes one of his closests friends. After a fight, Till, drunk after a night at the bar, finds his way to Flake's house. Instead of properly a...
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Poems I've Written Recently by TheRoz81
Poems I've Written Recentlyby Craig Rozniecki
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The Twins Tale: Snowy Sky [On-Going] by purplessi_19
The Twins Tale: Snowy Sky [On-Goin...by •Yoona•
This is the story of Winter and Summer seasons. "You choose one and don't regret." ••• The Twins Tale: Snowy Sky •You love the SNOW or the SKY? •You choose W...
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breakup by RosenrotKruspe
breakupby FreauKruspe
A mysterious combination of circumstances led the guitarists to an end of their relationship. Richard reveals the dark side he didn't even know he possessed within, whil...
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Hey, I'm RZK by beachhut
Hey, I'm RZKby beachhut
|| Sequel to : I met Rammstein? || • Things get tough for Katja as Richard begins touring. However, one day she discovers a book which will turn both their lives upside...
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