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The Fifteenth Member  by JJluvsu
The Fifteenth Member by JJluvsu
We all know the story of the thirteen dwarves lead by Thorin Oakensheild and Bilbo Baggins the hobbit, but few know the story of the fifteenth member. She was a secret...
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The Fill In Boyfriend (COMPLETE) by eviee77
The Fill In Boyfriend (COMPLETE)by 👑Eviee👑
"That was not a yes-or-no answer. You just broke the ru-" He cut me off by pressing his lips to mine. They were so warm that my whole body seemed to melt again...
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Characters, and OC ideas. by Thee_Narrator
Characters, and OC The Narrator
A lot ...and I mean a lot of this is outdated (Being Spazoid one of my main characters.) A lot of this was from my childhood or thinking how I want to portray a characte...
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A Prompt A Day Keeps The Writer's Block Away by chesterisaninja
A Prompt A Day Keeps The Writer' chesterisaninja
----CURRENTLY ON HOLD----- Come here for prompts, challenges, random lists and how to's, all compiled in hopes of inspiring you. I'll try to update everyday, but no gara...
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Fine by pokornylottero97
Fineby pokornylottero97
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Water by niehausashbaugh84
Waterby niehausashbaugh84
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Laughter - JayDickWeek2017 - Day 5: Bruised and Bloody by nabawrites
Laughter - JayDickWeek2017 - Day nabawrites
Jason goes missing again at the hands of the Joker, and Dick has to find him before it's too late. trigger warnings for canon-typical violence, mentions of character dea...
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Only Love for me by SalmaDiaa939
Only Love for meby Salma Diaa
Ivy isn't the easy one to trust but that will change when she meets John. Ivy doesn't believe in love. John believes in love. Rich families drama. Some fun, drama and ro...
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Party by lockhartbronte68
Partyby lockhartbronte68
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Similar by tymesmossmann95
Similarby tymesmossmann95
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(FrUS Kinkmeme Fill) Makeup and McDonalds by GenuineDiscord
(FrUS Kinkmeme Fill) Makeup and Sara
<FrUS> A kinkmeme prompt fill in which America runs into Francis at a McDonald's and realizes that France is putting on makeup.
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One Direction Quiz Book: Fill in the Blanks by ChocolateTurtles
One Direction Quiz Book: Fill in Jaelyn
So, I found this book at my friend's house called "One Direction Quiz Book". In it, there are sections where you fill in the blanks. So I filled in the blanks.
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Can You Fill Me In? ((Austin Mahone and Pia Mia Love Story)) by lovelyimani
Can You Fill Me In? ((Austin Imani
My parents and his parents went to high school together. They were best friends, but now? Not so much. I was told to stay away from him and his family but there's someth...
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Pattern by mathiarapple33
Patternby mathiarapple33
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A Love To Die For by Ei-Kirishima
A Love To Die Forby Eijirou Kirishima
I cried writing this, enjoy bitches
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Mission by sekawoo74
Missionby sekawoo74
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Such by cheyanowitz58
Suchby cheyanowitz58
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Policy by linehanfraumeni54
Policyby linehanfraumeni54
One, created. Dry moved is fill saying his our from. Shall were fish, beginning divided yielding beginning night days behold made it subdue. Called moved winged thing...
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The Forgotten Years {Cibseption and The Pack AU} by all_teh_slayers
The Forgotten Years {Cibseption Blaze & Abbi
Those seven boys grew up together, they were there for each other no matter what. That was then, this is now. He is the forgotten one Those are the forgot...
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