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Maybe Perfect by emmaroseszalai
Maybe Perfectby emma rose
Sophie Campbell is a seventeen year old senior at Jackson High that also holds down a part-time job at the local coffee shop. The way Sophie sees it, there's no need for...
Loving him • Zhang Yixing by zhangzly_
Loving him • Zhang Yixingby 樂
"That's cool we have the same last name." "So... if we get married I won't have to trade my last name for yours?" "Is this an indirect way of s...
Hidden talent by The-Brave-runner
Hidden talentby The brave runner
Andie is a girl who always had a dream to dance. She specialised in hiphop dance. She never showed anyone her skills. She never wants to. Until......READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!
Wattpad's Got Talent 2 by music
Wattpad's Got Talent 2by Music
Calling all lovers of the auditory arts... Wattpad's Got Talent is back for Season 2! That's right! We're back! If you've been yearning for the spotlight once again, sh...
Wattpad's Got Talent by music
Wattpad's Got Talentby Music
Calling all lovers of the auditory arts! If you've been yearning for the spotlight, the Music & Audio profile has the contest for you! Showcase your performance talent...
Love Or Friendship?(Eminem Fan Fiction) by somemusiclover
Love Or Friendship?(Eminem Fan ✖️
When world - famous performer Miranda B catches up with her good friend, Marshall (AKA Eminem), something special happens between the two of them. Will they make it thro...
(DISCONTINUED) New Moon // KPop Idol Story // Reader x KPop by imlowkeyevil
(DISCONTINUED) New Moon // KPop Millie
YG are launching auditions for a new girl group at Seoul highschool... You are Kim Seo Mi attends high school and is currently in her last year and doesn't know what to...
Always Your Number One Fan (SOON) by eas_57
Always Your Number One Fan (SOON)by HunSe
Claire became a die hard fan of Eli the moment she heard his voice and saw him perform. She was contented on being his fan. She admired and looked at him from afar. She...
a perri kiely dream  by perriikielyyyy
a perri kiely dream by perriikielyyyy
an ordinary dancer falling in love with an ordinary guy who has afro and glasses :)
Because You're Mine... by PanzerAce
Because You're The Desert Fox
A story about a guy with a painful and mistake filled past, finding love through a song... FYI this is a Miku and reader story.
Spotlight (Short Ver) by Diamond_Fate
Spotlight (Short Ver)by Diamond Fate
"I'm nothing, that's what people believed in."
The Boys Who Lived: Becoming A Band by Sarcastic_Queen88
The Boys Who Lived: Becoming A Bandby Elizabeth ✌🏾
Five boys each are aspiring musicians, when they are each told they're not good enough individually, they come together and form a band. Read as they get their first gig...
Help us (on hold) by bands_pickles
Help us (on hold)by Alyssa and Kate
Riker and Ross might seem happy to you but in reality, they're not.
Sex & Surgery by Bobbiejelly
Sex & Surgeryby bobbiejelly
Meredith Grey is staring at Addison Montgomery again. F/F. MerAdd. meddison. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Guess Who's Crushing on Addison Montgomery?. Femslash. Rat...
Circus Wonderment by MSPeters05
Circus Wondermentby Molly Peters
Your life will be a circus... At times you will be the Ringmaster. At times, the clown. Maybe even the animals. And in the end, the show will come to a stop. So... Make...
The Cinderella Voice by finickywriter451
The Cinderella Voiceby C <3
This story is about a guy who hears a beautiful voice and wants to find out who, in his school, it belongs to. HIGHEST RANKINGS: #4 IN COMPLETE #13 IN HUMANITY
The Solo by Genie2013
The Soloby Autumn
A short story inspired by Dance Moms.
One Cup of Coffee, Now I am a Rock star's Girlfriend by lauren4859009
One Cup of Coffee, Now I am a Lauren
Jade has not had an eventful life. She is a total geek and a stranger to dating. One night she is walking home when she bumps into a stranger. He runs into her knocking...
Little Do You Know (ON HOLD) by SoffiTodoroki
Little Do You Know (ON HOLD)by Lil'Erik
Little do you know, you make me happy. Little do you know, I like your presence. Little do you know, I think about you a lot. Little do you know, I wish you were mine. B...
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Challenge by jedthuskrezel94
Challengeby jedthuskrezel94
Saw night be. Heaven rule itself open dominion won't. Given gathered over signs let fruitful. Fly rule very you're sea stars from bearing evening. Them beginning upon...