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A Fall From Heaven. (FALLEN LOVE BOOK 1) by Cendrillon1996
A Fall From Heaven. (FALLEN LOVE B...by Cinderella
A match made in heaven and hell. Ella and Luca met, nobody knows where exactly, but in the pages of destiny they were written as lovers. Ella wasn't supposed to exist...
Fallen Angel || Taekook/Vkook ✔ by TheRockstar911
Fallen Angel || Taekook/Vkook ✔by Gr㉫A†ⓞǸ㉫
Taehyung looked at the dark haired boy whose knuckles were now bleeding and bruised, with tears in his eyes. Jungkook smirked at the frightened blond. "I hope thi...
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Scarlet Domination  by spardragon
Scarlet Domination by drago
Immaturity and selfishness are triggers to disasters issei who failed to confess heard his friends said some negative things to him then he heard something that broke hi...
Death is My Frenemy Rewritten (Book 3 of the Rewritten Death Chronicles) by katrocks247
Death is My Frenemy Rewritten (Boo...by Katarina E. Tonks
Hi!! This is Book THREE of the Rewritten Death Chronicles, a fantasy romance series! The two books you should read before this one are: Death is My BFF Rewritten (Book...
Fallen: b.b (book 1)  REWRITING  by blackwidow-v
Fallen: b.b (book 1) REWRITING by heatherchandler
in which a fragile princess who wasn't even supposed to go to earth ends up falling for the fake guard that wasn't meant to be there too. (Editing/ rewriting) season 1...
Hazbin hotel : The Fallen One by RedEmperor777
Hazbin hotel : The Fallen Oneby nyasha manonga
Beyond the gleaming facade of the pearly Gates, there lies a labyrinth of untold secrets and complexities. Azazel Nightshade, with his enigmatic past, the cheerful princ...
The Dominant Demon (Finished) by AlternativeTruths
The Dominant Demon (Finished)by Haley
"You're the only thing that I have ever truly loved," he states, leaning in closer. I try to scoot away, but he corners me on the bed, placing his body over mi...
Zagan by heather_cooki
Zaganby H.H. Cook
❝Do you fear me?" He brought his lips down to caress the back of her neck, running his hands up her arms. "You have reason to Samantha, for I am Zagan,❞ Sam...
Tainted, Book One: Possessed by MaryAnnWeir3
Tainted, Book One: Possessedby Mary Ann Weir
Kerry Harker has been possessed by a demon for a decade and has finally reached the end of his endurance. As he stares Death in the face, his salvation appears in the fo...
Fallen- Castiel Fanfiction by ToxicWinchester
Fallen- Castiel Fanfictionby ToxicWinchester
Madison Winchester, the middle child of her siblings, is destined to play a role in the apocalypse just like her brothers. She's been in the family business all her life...
The Rising of the Red Dragon Hero (High School DxD Fanfic) by Setyourheartablaze16
The Rising of the Red Dragon Hero...by Setyourheartablaze16
When Issei Hyoudou comes home to find his mother with a gun pointed to her head, he is forced to make a choice which nearly got them both killed. His life suddenly takes...
High School DxD X Minecraft Player by VulcanWarrior
High School DxD X Minecraft Playerby Vulcan Warrior
Armed with a just the skills and abilities of your typical Minecraft player, Hatt Stonecutter must battle his way through a world of supernatural creatures and keep on h...
DOORIYAN - FALLEN APART by harrytales9
GHATTAMANENI FAMILY - A family which once shined like a moon with happiness and prosperity but certain clouds blinded their moonlight making darkness spread across their...
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x Asia (Tensura x High School DxD) by Spirit-Rimuru
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x...by Spirit-Rimuru
Asia was a Girl that have Suffered through out her life. when she Thought she have Found a Family that she had been looking for she was Betrayed by the very person that...
Road to Annihilation ( reboot ) by spardragon
Road to Annihilation ( reboot )by drago
this is based on my other fic DXD road to annihilation but with a twist this fic will have the same concept but a different approach
Tainted: Book Two - Coerced by MaryAnnWeir3
Tainted: Book Two - Coercedby Mary Ann Weir
"No matter how much I wanna burn the world down, I know it won't help, so I keep everything locked down tight. At least for now. Fair warning, though: When I eventu...
As Time Rises {Transformers Bayverse} by Tearsonlyknow
As Time Rises {Transformers Bayver...by Magnus
"As time rises, one day you will see."
The Nephilim of Kouh Academy ( Highschool DXD) by GodessOfCreation
The Nephilim of Kouh Academy ( Hig...by Annik
Kouh academy was now a cou'ed school , many boys were transfered including a young man with a unique presence that no supernatural creature could identify . Not only w...
Run (Jurassic World: Owen Grady) by Aesthetiic_Pastel
Run (Jurassic World: Owen Grady)by ✨💕✨
Sadie works at Jurassic World. As what, you may ask? As the trainer for the Tyrannosaurus Rex, of course. Not having many friends, she devotes most of her time to the T...