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The Dragon Scale by cherryblossom_1
The Dragon Scaleby cherryblossom_1
Ella was different from all the village girls and she knew it. She didn't understand their games. She didn't look like her parents. She didn't seem to belong. But one da...
Inferno by sorceress154
Infernoby Sophia
❝From the little spark may burst a mighty flame.❞ Seraphina always knew she was different from the other fire-shifters. She wasn't meant to exist. No one had ever hear...
Purple Scales by Werecat
Purple Scalesby Werecat
Purple Eyes, a purple dragon trying to avoid an abusive rider escapes him with her friend Ephvangeline. However where is the only place they will be safe? The enemies of...
Dragonscale by ElenaGoulding
Dragonscaleby -Werefox Goulding-
13-year-old Ellie Goulding has quite a lot going on in her life. She watched her aunt die right in front of her, she can turn into a fox (without her own consent,) she h...
The True Heir {Sirius Black} by _hope_04
The True Heir {Sirius Black}by helplesslyinlovewithsiriusbla...
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "I Siriusly love you, Sirius Black" she said with a smirk "haha very...
Dragonscales by Serineopal
Dragonscalesby G. Elizabeth
The journey of two rebels, a thief and a mysterious knight.
Dragons of Pikes Peak by MountainMomma81
Dragons of Pikes Peakby Kristina Pike
When two friends venture out on a dark night on a whim, they find more - and less - than they expected.
How to Admit to Olania by Olania
How to Admit to Olaniaby Hannah and Olivia
Here is how to admit to Olania, the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.