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My Wedgie Stories by glirrup
My Wedgie Storiesby glirrup
These wedgies are either me getting them or me giving them. Most of them are me giving them.
  • hanesboxers
  • fruitoftheloom
  • tightywhities
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Back to nappies by thepersonincharge
Back to nappiesby ME
Joe finds himself at school aged 15, then one day he accidentally wets himself in class and had no options to be in a nappy.
  • abdl
  • baby
  • school
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Boxers | Drarry by malfoyismybetch
Boxers | Drarryby malfoytheflower
One night Harry finds the blonde-headed Slytherin Draco under his bed. Harry's confused at first but as time goes on, Harry starts to fall in love with Draco and the fee...
  • hogwarts
  • potter
  • boyxboy
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Is This Love One Sided?(COMPLETED) by DialngCreatvty
Is This Love One Sided?(COMPLETED)by @TheMightyKeyboard
"I love you." It wasn't him who spoke the words it was me. I was terrified to open my eyes. If I did my heart would go into overdrive and probably explode. Ke...
  • beer
  • brown
  • blue
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A Nerd Romance. by shelbsters15
A Nerd Shelby :)
Sophie Green Is a nerd. Everyone picks on her. There is only one person who protects her and when he is not around they pick on her twice as much. What would happen if h...
  • boxers
  • date
  • football
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The Player Bet by Naooomi_
The Player Betby Naomi
"When his lips met mine it was like a fire burning inside me was finally let out. I had experienced many of his kisses before, yet none were filled with so much pas...
  • boyfriends
  • boxers
  • phobia
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Genderbend Panty and Stocking x Reader oneshots by Writer-Chan360
Genderbend Panty and Stocking x Writer-Chan360
Brief is still a male, the only people I'm going to be changing are Panty who is Boxers, Stocking who is Socks, and the Demon Sisters. I don't know if I want to make thi...
  • brief
  • pantyandstocking
  • stocking
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Welcome To The Competition [Degrassi FF] by ConverseLove
Welcome To The Competition [ Kait
This is just a little story that will be in small chapters. It will be about a new girl in town that is from England. This is a Degrassi fanfic and I will be using the s...
  • dot
  • pansexual
  • holly
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Bad boy in Superman Boxers by Cupcakeee258
Bad boy in Superman Boxersby Cupcakeee258
Hailey Hunter - a young smart, sarcastic, cute seventeen year old girl who loves violence yet is quiet. She isn't popular and hangs out with 2 of her best friends. She g...
  • drama
  • love
  • badboy
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Lines in the Ice by Write_To_Live
Lines in the Iceby Rebecca
Brenna was the new girl for over a year. No one looked at her and she had no friends from her school. She has Michae, who's the only one that knows that she skates whe...
  • shower
  • nick
  • preston
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Camp wedgie story! by wedgiekid1002
Camp wedgie story!by Wedgie Master 2017
About a time at camp where i got an insane wedgie! please read!
  • camp
  • underwear
  • tighty
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Swimming pool wedgie story! *Please Read* by wedgiekid1002
Swimming pool wedgie story! * Wedgie Master 2017
This is about the time when I was around 13 and gave another kid a wedgie at a pool I go to all the time haha hope you guys enjoy the story! :D
  • whities
  • swimming
  • briefs
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Tomboy living with the bad boys by Skyvolt608
Tomboy living with the bad boysby blondegamer_180
Fern Taylor is a tomboy when her dorm mates kick her out the teacher tells her that there is only one dorm spot left she finds out that her dorm mate is the school's bad...
  • singer
  • boxers
  • cussing
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My Killer Romance by iguana95
My Killer Romanceby iguana95
Alice was perfectly fine living the highly secretive and cavalier life she had. Honestly, between the exotic locations and to die for gadgets, life couldn't get any bet...
  • compliments
  • shelter
  • cell
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A Harry Styles Romance by Welcome_tomyworld
A Harry Styles Romanceby Faye
Uncle Simon bring's One Direction on a one month stay at Faye's house while her parent's are at Egypt. They've been warned not to flirt with her..but will they listen? A...
  • one
  • happy
  • horan
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Being The Only Girl In An All Boys School. . . Enough Said by horses654
Being The Only Girl In An All Clair
Ashley Pesler has been a bad girl ever since her ex-boyfriend Ian broke her heart two years ago. Ever since then Ash has been unable to hold down a school, in fact, shes...
  • salden
  • jordan
  • motorcycle
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cousin gave me non stop wedgies!! by wedgiekid1002
cousin gave me non stop wedgies!!by Wedgie Master 2017
This is going to be a story about when my cousin gave me multiple wedgies and basically how it all started with me liking wedgies, its very interesting! READ PLEASE :D
  • underwear
  • boxers
  • night
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My Neighbor (Watty's 2019) by YoBroRainbow
My Neighbor (Watty's 2019)by Rain
Kava is a promiscuous waitress/ an up and coming artist. She really has no boundaries which some people may say makes her a slut but she doesn't really mind. One day she...
  • kiss
  • beer
  • bra
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Revenge wedgie with my younger cousin! Pay back! by wedgiekid1002
Revenge wedgie with my younger Wedgie Master 2017
This story is basically a part 2 of my other story "My cousin gave me nonstop wedgies" that one talks about how much he wedgied me one night at his house and t...
  • revenge
  • wedgie
  • boxers
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 I Stole The Bad Boys  Boxers  by Sarellie
I Stole The Bad Boys Boxers by Sarellie
Talula Grace is an ordinary girl. She enjoys books and has her own little friend group, basically she is your average school girl all in all. On the other hand we have...
  • love
  • teen
  • bad
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