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  • Wild Deception
    4.1M 117K 38

    ZERO DEGREE SERIES 1: THEO MONTREAL Liberty Parreño has proven that women really could do more than dancing in a 10-inch high heels. She can run down perps without breaking a heel. She can outwit any type of bad guys at perilous situations. She will do everything for justice however dangerous it may seem. Guess, it's...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Greatest Downfall
    3.8M 113K 39

    ZERO DEGREE SERIES 2: SID DELA VEGA Sid's love for Serenity was beyond compare. Head over heels in love, he can move mountains for the one and only woman in his life-- until jealousy barged in and knocked him off. ©2019 by greatfairy

  • Achilles' Heel
    2.3M 73.7K 45

    Levi is a notorious playboy; women around him would beg for his attention, that's until he finds himself kissing a woman who happens to be a nun. For the first time in his entire perfect life, he couldn't look at any other girl and is determined to find the nun who suddenly makes him go crazy. *** Levi Achilles though...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hopelessly Devoted to You
    1.3M 48K 39

    ZERO DEGREE SERIES 4: ELLIOT MADRIGAL Elliot Madrigal, a prominent pilot and business icon, and the fourth member of Zero Degree band has lost his faith in love since the world has taught him that it has never been fair. In his case, he had a fair share of abuse, disappointments, and heartbreaks. His own father blames...

    Completed   Mature