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  • I Love You Virus
    4K 374 84

    Wataro's always running towards Dudang everytime she's in trouble. Dudang likes to create mess from time to time at bilang nakakatandang kapatid nito ay obligasyon niyang saluhin ito lagi. Yet, for Wataro, those moments don't feel like a total obligation at all. There's always this intense feeling of relief every time...

  • Doctor Matteo's Wanted Girlfriend
    1.1M 16.9K 79

    DOC Matteo Grenier is a very hot and good looking doctor. 27 years old pa lamang siya at instant doctor na siya sa edad niya ngayon. He's hot, napakinis ng mukha at napaka-misteryoso ng dating. Maraming babae ang nagsasakit-sakitan para makita lang siya. He has all the attributes that an ideal guy could have. Limpak-l...

  • Your Fan
    65.3K 2.5K 44

    We all have our own heroes in our lives. Ito 'yung mga taong mga taong nakakapagpapabago ng pananaw natin sa mundo. Our world becomes colorful if we have that heroes na kahit na minsan ay libong milya ang layo natin sa kanila. Michael Yundae a.k.a Myun, a famous actor is the hero of the screenwriter Asha Hernandez. B...

    56.5K 1.8K 47

    Someoneone's lost could be someone's gain. Someone's shaking battle could be someone's game. This is the journey of Lukrecia Kamulag sa kung paano siyang bakuran ng mga mala-demi God na lalaki pagkatapos siyang lokohin ng pinakamamahal niyang si Dudong. Sexy, cunning, and weird romance. A dozen of good looking guys. W...

  • Never Date a Writer
    63.7K 2.1K 44

    An artist will always collect and collect necessary, valuable yet temporary materials for his masterpiece. He will always pick the finest, the purest and the most expensive one. It could be in any form. An emotion, an experience, a valuable object or a person. And when he's done with his masterpiece, he'll finally thr...

  • Attorney Lexus' Wanted Girlfriend
    182K 4.5K 166

    Atty. Lexus Park is in search for a pretend girlfriend who'll help him bring back his reputation, after it was ruined by the girls he had flings with. *** Attorney Lexus Park, a star lawyer and a devilishly handsome one doesn't want to have deep and long commitments with anyone, which backfires him in return when all...