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  • The Woman In Time (#DigitalAMAWithRheea)
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    She is known as Maya Krishnamurthy. She's born with a special gene. She creates a phenomenal moment in a child's life. When Tara Brijesh observes a strange sight in West Point Gardens, she begins to revisit a buried memory.

  • When Sparks Flew #DigitalAMAwithRheea
    67 12 1

    This is my contest entry for the #DigitalAMAwithRheea contest for the book The Body Myth (Penguin India). It is about a woman who seemingly has it all and yet, is going through a tough phase mentally.

  • Beloved #DigitalAMAwithRheea
    58 2 1

    This is for the #DigitalAMAwithRheea contest being conducted by Wattpad. Disclaimer: The chapter consists of the next chapter from the excerpt of the novel 'The Body Myth' by Rheea Mukherjee.

  • The Body Myth Writing Contest #DigitalAMAwithRheea
    46 9 1

    This is an entry for a contest. Update: I am one of the finalists. Yay!

  • The Body Myth #DigitalAMAwithRheea
    64 6 1

    Did you always wonder how it would feel to wake up in another person's body? Sounds fun, doesn't it? Well, our mystery lady wants to let you in on the truth. Finalist in the Digital AMA With Rheea contest!

  • Queer Garden ( #DigitalAMAwithRheea)
    131 26 1

    Contest Entry for 'The Body Myth' Challenge by Penguinindia. Excerpt : The woman was sitting on a park bench in West Point Gardens, where I came every Sunday for a five-kilometer walk. She couldn't see me, but I had stopped mid-stride to stare at her. I looked at her for three reasons: (1) her face was twisted in con...

  • Licking Red #DigitalAMAWithRheea
    56 1 1

    A flowery encounter. Red memories. Blood and society and captivity.

  • The Chip | #DigitalAMAwithRheea
    120 6 1

    This is my entry for the writing contest with Rheea Mukherjee. (A 499 words short story)