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  • Silver Death
    1.1M 27.4K 73

    What, never heard of her? Typical. She has more kills than the Winter Solider. She was taken when she was 4 for her powers. When she escaped she decided to keep her name. HYDRA thinks she is dead. They aren't looking for her. When Clint crashes the quinjet in the field beside her yard, she allows them to stay in her...

  • Always Silent, Peter Darling
    717K 26.8K 28

    After a traumatic experience at age 6, Peter Parker hasn't spoken a word. Most blame it on the fact that he witnessed his Uncle die in a horrible fire, this is only partly true. Now, almost 10 years later Peter is given the chance to finally speak, but will he take it? Or is the fear of his Aunt to much for him to tak...

  • Survivor
    339K 14K 33

    So, I suck at descriptions. ha. Sorry. Here we go; Life is hard, especially when you're juggling the life of a teenage nerd and a superhero. Now that May knows, what will she force to change in Peter's life? But before they can even really reach an agreement about anything, someone big and bad is back. Now Peter has...

  • Taking Hits | P. Parker
    1M 33.3K 62

    Peter has been living in an orphanage for almost a year after Aunt May died. His only escape from the now miserable life he lives is going out as Spiderman but no one can know who he is. The Avengers are sent to catch him on his patrols and unmask the young hero. How will he keep this secret if the ones who are after...

  • You're What?
    3.2M 106K 58

    Just a compilation of various scenarios in which Peter's class/Flash discover Peter knows or is related to Tony Stark. The chapters will not be related to each other unless labelled Part 1 and Part 2 or noted as such. I hope you enjoy it! Written in 2018. Not Flash friendly.

  • You're Okay With Us
    132K 3.1K 10

    Steve and Tony adopt a quiet, timid 14 year old boy who's from an abusive orphanage and home. Cover made by @smokyache

  • Field Trip to Stark Industries
    133K 3.6K 8

    Peter goes on a class field trip to SI. Or Peter is bullied by Flash and he has to stop the Avengers from murdering Flash because the Avengers are protective of their baby spider Civil War never happened Set a year or so after homecoming Sorry, May :( Tony and Pepper adopted Peter Peter calls Tony and Pepper, mom and...