Taking Hits | P. Parker

Taking Hits | P. Parker

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Peter has been living in an orphanage for almost a year after Aunt May died. His only escape from the now miserable life he lives is going out as Spiderman but no one can know who he is. The Avengers are sent to catch him on his patrols and unmask the young hero. How will he keep this secret if the ones who are after him show up at the orphanage and end up taking him in? 
After tragedy happens in the Avengers family, they feel closer to Peter then ever. Only when things start to fall into place and Peter starts to feel like he has a place with them, he has to return to Midtown Tech and face his fears. Can he keep everything that is happening at school a secret from his new over protective family and what will happen when Peter starts catching feelings for someone just for his world to crumble down again?


"One chapter in and I already love it!!!" 
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"I've been wanting to read a story like this for so long with Peter like this so thank you!" 
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"Dude this is such a great story and I binged the whole story last night, it's beautifully written and the details make me feel like I'm actually there! 10/10 would recommend to everyone!" 
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