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  • Return of the Ren// Kylo Ren x Rey
    14.3K 226 33

    REY and BEN SOLO defeated Palpatine, but Ben cannot resist the pull to the dark. Ben assumes the alias of KYLO REN once again, kidnapping Rey and taking her as a prisoner. The RESISTANCE gets ready for a final battle with the FIRST ORDER, and Kylo Ren prepares for a battle with one last enemy. *this comes after TROS...

  • Invisible- A Leo Valdez story
    114K 2.8K 24

    Leo Valdez meets the fates after he overhears some of the seven talking behind his back. With powers granted to him from the fates, he originally decides to get back at them, but instead causes a bunch of mayhem. All character rights go to Rick Riordan. Please correct and excuse spelling mistakes.