Invisible- A Leo Valdez story

Invisible- A Leo Valdez story

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Beanie147 By Beanie147 Updated Feb 05, 2017

What happens when Leo feels ignored? What happens when he goes to the engine room to 'work', to get his friends'  ignorance towards him, and hears the rest of the seven talking and laughing about something,and then presumably hears his name and more laughing? What happens in on a trip to get more supplies on their trip, he meets the fates?

All character rights go to Rick  Riordan. Please correct and excuse spelling mistakes.
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~Beanie 147

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fandonstuff fandonstuff Nov 08, 2017
i feel like this happens to me in school when im talking to an old friend and then they just ignore me to stay with their new popular friends. This is why i hate popular kids
Ahem, daughter of Hades here. Move aside while I do my job >:(
QuinnRose13 QuinnRose13 Jul 20, 2017
Why did you hurt my best friend Leo I am the daughter of Hades I Will raise hell and I will kill you
Seriously, though I will KILL the seven because without him, everyone in the whole freaking WORLD would be DEAD!!!!
Sorry, but I think it was supposed to be “I cracked a joke”
I got a recording tape with all the insults the seven ever said about Leo. I counted them all. There’s 10292827272 sentences