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  • The Sky Was Never Blue
    238 64 6

    Sara Greene is dead, and that's all she'll ever be. After finally moving past her sister's death in a plane crash, Reese Greene wants to hear nothing about the accident. To her, it's simple. Sara was alive, and now she's not. Reese has accepted it. Others haven't. Especially not Oliver Hayes, conspiracy theory blogge...

  • Obelus (ONC 2020)
    1.8K 150 6

    Eli just wants to get through college in one piece, but that goal becomes a whole lot harder the day he awakens from his simulated reality. Will Subject 801 submit to the system? Or will he fight his dreamscape-- and those desperate to keep him there? Featured on WattpadExplorer's Hidden Gems reading list.

  • Upside Down
    394 52 10

    Alex is a newly elected Attorney General with a secret (surprise, he's Gay) and he's trying to figure out how to deal with that while being the success his parents want him to be and that he craves. He looks mostly harmless, with a mop of curly blonde hair and a mass of laugh lines, but when it's come to his career he...

  • Awakening the Storm
    914 207 30

    In the town of Raven's Creek, after a year of losses and tragedy since the battle against the Alpha and his followers, the two mates are separated by Purgatory and have to find a way out of their prisons to get back their land and back to each other. By unlocking the secrets of the past, they discover more about thems...

    Completed   Mature
  • Awakening the Unknown
    1.4K 330 40

    In the quiet town of Raven's Creek, Kassidy Grayson and Wren McAllistair, two mates, both cursed by the past. Both endured fatal vehicular accidents on their eighteenth birthdays, are not like any other mates. They were chosen. A year after the other, the mates travel to the Afterlife, and are bestowed with extraordin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Death
    469 105 26

    In the small town of Rainsford Falls, a town away from Raven's Creek is Cardinal Lange. Cardinal was living a normal, average life. Leaving her hometown and to study in a normal college, but she's much different from the average, normal humans that attend her school. She's a psychic. A seer to be exact, with telekine...

  • The Drifters
    70 6 6

    An explosion set off in central downtown Auckland sends the city into a panic. The Emerald Queen, a luxury cruise ship, lays still just off the coast of the Pacific Islands; Its passengers have all disappeared into thin air. An ancient temple collapses on a group of tourists in Bali, killing dozens. A young boy dres...

  • In Between the Lines
    693 155 18

    Astorious misses the deadline for the sequel of his best-selling series, again-- it has been five grief-wracked years. It is now up to a ghost writer to fix it. As a result of a series of unfortunate events, Astorious cannot write; and hides behind a lie, behind a pseudonym: Astra. To overcome such disastrous situati...

  • Bellkipeg
    240 24 38

    Discovering the Self is just the first step of the journey! It's going to be a bad day for Alex. First he's attacked by a wild boar before being nearly consumed by The Deluge, the embodiment of the evil plaguing the land. Worse than that, he has no idea who he is or how he ended up in the strange world of Bellkipeg; s...

  • All the Kings Men: Awakening. (Book One.)
    296 38 12

    ***Updates every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!*** The eight High Spirits, rulers of the Spirit World, have always been told they were immortal. Because of this, no one expected the death of one of their own. With the stories of their immortality being false, Elendor, a young Spirit at the peak of adulthood, must lear...

  • The Ephemeral (Book 2: Ikelos)
    1.6K 215 11

    Book 2 in The Ephemeral trilogy. Two months have passed since the battle at Holly, and Alex is back on her feet again. Under the Command's supervision, she's been working day in and day out to master her power, desperate to gain control over her own curse. The constant training has taken a toll on her health, but...

  • The Absence of Knowledge
    275K 9.6K 55

    [2018 Wattys Winner!] It starts small: Just a noise. Just static. Just a small, black, featureless spot in the sky. You put it out of your mind. You go about your day. But something about it stays with you. When you have a spare moment, you listen again. You look again. You wonder. You go to sleep. You go to work. Yo...

  • The Ephemeral (Book 1: Breeder)
    24.1K 3.2K 66

    /COMPLETED/. She's an outcast cursed to consume the memories of anything she touches. A woman fated to repopulate the nation's army. A breeder barred from the sword. And she's desperate for a taste of freedom. So when a tournament is held to recruit the army's best candidates, Alex Kingsley does what she does bes...