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  • Submissive Pervert
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    Before the U.A entrance exams, Mineta Minoru was hit by a quirk that made him stronger, taller and more.. attractive Now, he was one of the most popular boys in U.A. Because of his looks, girls were fawning over him and found his perverted side sexy Everything was going great until Midoriya Izuku became his roommate. ...

  • My Only Princess (Kiribaku)
    277 31 2

    Bakugou and Kirishima grew up together as princes of separate lands. Both of them have become of age and the pressure is on to find a wife, but in all honesty neither of them are ready for that. Bakugou wants to explore the lands freely and Kirishima just wants to be by his side as he does it.

  • Collab with me! - Kiribaku
    2.8K 203 10

    !Cover by taichichuwhat on tumblr! You can find the playlist for this in my 🎶music🎶 book! Bakugou is a famous youtuber, he is very well known for his incredible artwork and quite impressive music. Fans also love when he disses other youtubers, it gets quite entertaining. But what will they think when Bakugou starts...

    8.8K 521 11

    Bakugo is known as the jackass and dark humored artist that loves drawing and sharing his work with people on Instagram. Now, that was only on the internet, but behind the screen revealed a short tempered and depressed blonde, that's going through a terrible and unfortunate breakup with his ex lover Deku. He's been ma...

  • The Way We Roll -Kiribaku-
    13.7K 596 11

    Soulmate AU- Everyone is born with a different tattoo on their left wrist. Soulmates tattoos match while everyone else's are different. Once you kiss your soulmate the tattoo disappears, and is replaced by their initials. Art isn't mine, all characters are owned by Kohei Horikoshi.

  • My Hero Academia Imagines
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    ~A Collection of Requested BNHA Imagines from my tumblr (technicallyflamey)~ Take care of Bakugou when he gets his wisdom teeth out, Kick Endeavor in the balls while defending Shouto, have class 1-A throw you a surprise party, adopt a cat with Todoroki, do some training with Kirishima, and many more imagines and scena...

  • all things my hero academia [2]
    51.6K 2.9K 196

    all of these books are gonna kamisero covers anyways y'ALL HELLO MY LOVELY PIGEONs todaY i decided to c r y but aLSO, here's the new book okay byEE

  • a gay groupchat | bnha |
    33.9K 2K 17

    | kiribaku & kamisero | the first two chapters arent bakusquad rip. also we need to find a partner for my bitch mina. :(( > changed my @ to @outbursting <

  • ♛♥ t h o t b o t s ♥♛
    94 10 7

    bnha x reader heehaw this is gonna suck alot but yeah. i'll try to update when i can, i usually take a long time because i don't want anything to be half-assed Its also kinda crack book with a weird storyline wewo

  • Painful Words [KiriBaku]
    28K 1.3K 18

    Bakugou could never admit it himself; the words said hurt him like a grenade that hit directly in the chest. ------------ Soulmate AU- You are incapable of seeing color until you touch your soulmate for the first time. highest ranking- #1 in kirishimaeijirou AND bakugoukatsuki 11/28/2018 ILY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥...

  • Your Beautiful Eyes ~Kiribaku~
    23.1K 945 11

    In this world, every one has two different colored eyes. One eye is their natural color, the other eye is the color of their soul mates hair. the only people who have two eyes of the same color are, people who've already found their soulmate and . . . Katsuki Bakugo. Bakugo was born with two red eyes. He was constantl...

  • I Need You -Kiribaku-
    38.1K 1.6K 28

    Kirishima has never had anyone. His parents neglect and abuse him, he's always been bullied and he has never had a friend. But this year he hoped that would change. It was his first year in a new school. So, he put on a smile and tried to make friends. He always wanted to have friends but he never knew he needed one u...

  • Nothing more than friends? [ A Kiribaku Story ]
    28.2K 1.1K 14

    As bakugou and kirishima started to become closer friends, bakugou wondered why he loved being around him so much and always wanted to be with him. But all bakugou would think was "Were just friends, nothing more".

  • 🍒cherry cola🍒- kamisero
    42.3K 1.8K 23

    [completed] Sero could never have a crush on anyone, right? He'd never really thought about it, so when he starts feeling differently around Kaminari, he has no idea what to do. And besides, Kaminari has a crush on Jirou, doesn't he? >>cover by akatsukink, go check out their insta!<< The music for this fic can be foun...

  • Bakusquad oneshots and head canons
    12.7K 548 7

    Heyo! I had a lot of ideas circulating around my head so i decided to put them in this book! I'm far to lazy to make a cover so enjoy a lovely drawing

  • Bakusqaud Chat
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    .... hehehehehehehehehhehe... bakusqaud stuff.....

  • Bakusquad Shenanigans
    2.3K 202 4

    bakubitch: die in a hole electabuzz: yee sero go die in a butthole soysauce: yall are so fucked up

  • Black is Permanent (Kiribaku)
    4.3K 280 9

    There's something about the new guy in class Katsuki was curious about. Had they met before maybe? No that would be stupid right? Sequel to Red is Tempory Soulmate AU Reincarnation AU A lot of fluff not so much angst Eiji and Suki don't die this time I promise!!

  • I Have To Love Myself First|KiriBaku
    2.9K 132 12

    (Used to be Misunderstandings) ⚠⚠TW⚠⚠ Eating disorders Cussing(f×cking Bakugo, deal with it) Blood? Gore??? Kirishimas insecurities, self hatred, and middle school past all finally overwhelm his and tear down the walls he oh so desperately tried to build. So the only thing he can controll in his life is his hunger..bu...

  • I do adore - kiribaku/bakushima
    5.8K 182 3

    Just a story base on a animatic I saw on YouTube My first fanfic so um ignore my little stupid mistakes ;; ©️to art cover: blackxxcherry (on paigeeworld) Characters from boku no hero academia -boyxboy (BL)

  • Favorite Singer [ Kiribaku ]
    59.4K 3.4K 28

    (Cover was made by @Cornstarch_Fairy ) Kirishima is an average college student whose dream is to become a singer. Before he went to college he used to be shy and, let's say, high school wasn't the best time for him. Singing helped him express himself, and helped him stay alive in general. Since he went to college, he...

  • bestfriends or more? Bakugo X Kirishima
    22.6K 626 16

    kirishima and bakugo are best friends! but will they turn out to be more?

  • the bakusquad's ab-ventures <3
    42.2K 2K 40

    i love the bakusquad more than jesus claims to love me so here we are the bakusquad doing a lot of uhm unexplainable things uwu they also text most of the time so: names: mina- mamamina bakugou- bakubabe kirishima- letsgetdowntobusiness kaminari- dank-i sero- spiderman (and sometimes:) jirou- kkkyouka

  • Sugar~ (Kiribaku/Bakushima Sugar Daddy)
    137K 4.3K 38

    Uh- First Bakushima book? HelP????? ~•Ongoing•~

  • Secret (KiriBaku/BakuShima) [BNHA/MHA]
    10K 325 3

    do not let him find out, if he does its all over. It's ok, I'll just act as usual.

  • We Are the Villains || KiriBaku
    21.7K 480 7

    Complete So for those who probably wont understand this is a flip where kirishima and Bakugo are actually villains so dont blame me for shit that happens. May be some smut who knows.

  • NOMU (kiribaku)
    34.9K 2K 24

    Bakugou's father forced Katsuki to live in the military and as a high ranking officer was able to pay off anyone that would tell what he was doing to him.

  • Our waves
    27.1K 1.3K 14

    Kirishima has noticed something off about his friend Bakuguo. He seems more angry then usual and he'll be damned if he watches his bakubro be sad. Ps: this is UA but instead of a highschool it is a college!! So they do things that college students would do! (It's an alternate universe where mineta doesn't exist) Aut...

  • Red is Temporary (Kiribaku)
    64K 3.2K 30

    "I met someone a long time ago, but I don't know if he still exist in this world." Warning: this will get angsty Soulmate au //side note if anyone wants to draw art of this fanfic please do my main on Instagram is

  • What You Think Of Me (KamiSero)
    998 49 2

    What Will Be A Short KamiSero fanfiction. I love these boys so much and the ship is underated. This will be a fluffy confession type story with 3-5 chapters. No warnings are needed, except maybe mild fear of homophobia, there's some very very mild nsfw in chapter 2 then chapter 3 is ... Smut