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  • Dreams of Life (Kuroko no Basket Fanfics)
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    "You are free to dream." - Manai Yume Manai Yume is a Special Academic Excellence Scholarship Student at Teikō Middle School. Yume is a reserved and softspoken girl due to her past. She drew a clear line between her and others and she doesn't particularly stands out. Yume is especially keen on picking up emotions and...

  • Kuroko no Basket: In KnB reincarnated as Kagami?!
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    WARNING/NOTE: Kagami looks and acts pretty different then what he looks like in anime, he is sometimes mistaken as a girl (though 100% male) *Does a two-finger salute* Yo. Name's Shuichi Kira, but I guess now I'm Kagami Taiga. Its strange since I don't look anything like him except for red hair. Anyway, I died a prett...

  • Spark | Kuroko no Basuke x OC
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    "Anyone who thinks that winning is everything in basketball is an idiot -- but don't worry, I promised Kuroko-kun that I will de-idiotfy you all!" The Generation of Miracles never saw her coming... But, they didn't seem to mind either. "Heh, go on a date with me and I'll show you just how much passion I have." "U...