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  • My major~Jasper Hale
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    Isabella and Katherine Swan doesn't expect much when they move to a small town call Forks, Washington to live with their father. But what happens when they meet the Cullen's and fall in love with two vampires.......

  • Sky Swan (Jasper love story)
    137K 1.5K 75

    This is a Jasper love story about the sister of Bella Swan lets see if her and Bella are ready for this unnatural world unless Sky is already part of it. She doesn't know yet.

  • Extra Ordinary - A Twilight fanfic [2]
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    . Every beauty needs her beast to protect her from everything but him.

  • Odd One Out - A Twilight Fanfic [1]
    778 23 14

    No family is perfect, we argue, we fight, we even stop talking to each other at times. But in the end family is family, the love will always be there no matter what happens or what difficulties are thrown our way.

  • The first Cullen kid(a Twilight fanfic)
    14K 330 13

    Alexandra Williams is a 14 year old that lives with her mother in North Carolina. In 1864, there was a Scarlet fever epidemic going around her village. Both Alexandra and her mother caught it and ended up in the hospital. They were both treated by Carlisle. Her mother died and Alexandra was very close to death. Being...

  • Edward Cullen's Little Sister
    31.6K 822 65

    Before - Edward Cullen and a Little Sister named Eliana. He was changed and she moved away. No one knew she was still alive. Follow Eliana from the time Edward 'died' all the way through to when she moves to a small town in a Washington named Forks. Twilight - Eliana is now living in Forks but when she arrives, will...

  • The Other Cullens ( Twilight fanfiction )
    6.3K 53 28

    Daughters of Emmett Cullen . Some of the ideas I own others goes to the movie. Started: April 26 , 2017 Finished : July 3, 2017

  • The Secret Life of Piper Black- Embry Call
    37.5K 765 39

    Have you ever wondered who Embry's imprint would be? Our story starts with Jacob's twin sister. What happens when she finds out her origin? Follow Piper in her interesting secret life away from what usually happens in the shadows of Forks, and when she starts to have feelings for her brothers best friend.

  • Jacob Black's and Sam Uley's Sister: An Embry Imprint
    125K 2.5K 22

    Victoria Black-Uley is Jake's and Sam's younger sister. She lives with her mom, in my story Jake's mom left Billy because she got imprinted on by Sam's father, and her father in Forks. She doesn't live on the reservation and goes to Forks high instead of where her brothers and go to school. When Victoria starts feelin...

  • The Wolf Girl(Twilight Fanfiction)(Completed)
    266K 6.4K 30

    Mia Swan is the complete opposite of her sister Bella. She has light brown curly hair, blue eyes and her skin is slightly tanned. Mia also used to be captain of the cheer team and in various other sports too many to count. Mia hates her sister for her parents loving Bella and never noticing her but a year after the Cu...

  • Jared Whitlock; Daughter of Jasper Hale
    144K 4.6K 81

    As a teenager, you're always going to have problems. But for Jared, it's different circumstances. Her father is only three years older than her, her late mother was a soldier, who trained vampires and is known as one of the most evil, her grandparents are less than thirty and are all vampires. Yeah, just your average...

  • Bella's adopted sister
    310K 6.8K 26

    This is a Jasper Hale love story written strictly for your entertainment. Please enjoy, and no hateful comments.

  • The Littlest Cullen| a. volturi
    167K 3.1K 34

    MY MILLICENT. YOU BELONG TO ME AND ONLY ME. Esme has always wanted a child. Ever since she lost her baby boy to lung fever. One fateful night, a young girl just happened to become orphaned and the Cullens can't resist to take her in as their own. Millicent's life is tough enough so when Edward finds his mate everythi...

  • • Dusk Till Dawn • Seth Clearwater Love Story
    84.7K 1.7K 37

    🌙 Aurelia Cullen is the adoptive daughter of Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen. She's the normal teenage girl despite living in a household of vampires. Aurelia has the fate of turning into a vampire, which she is fine with, until a boy enters her life changing the way fate might course. 🌙

  • Always Going to Be There (Emmett Cullen sister story!)
    32.5K 584 11

    Ella Mcarty lost all of her family when young and was taken in by a group of people who made her stronger than she already was. One of those people was Victoria after she had escaped she bums into Taylor a witch who takes her and tells her more about herself and her powers. After chasing Victoria for the past two year...

  • The Cullen's Scrumptious Angel
    28K 591 8

    Twilight x H2O crossover All the Cullen's share a mate. (Sorry I don't have a good description for this yet)

  • Wishing upon a blood line! (Twilight Carlisle)
    48.3K 1K 15

    Carlisle had a mate, her name was Lacey Countèr. When Edward meets Bella and takes her to his house to meet his family. She sees the painting of Lacey and asks about her. So Edward, Emmett and Alice decide to tell her all about their mother. Find out what happened to Carlisles Mate!

  • His First Choice (A Twilight Story)
    57.7K 1K 21

    Marceline Cullen. A born-again vampire to the Cullen family, specifically, born-again to none other than Edward Cullen himself. She turned her back on their way of life and created her own, but what happens when she reconnects with the family and finds that Edward has tangled himself up with another human? COMPLETED

  • Blue Moon //Sequel to Midnight//
    7.8K 213 24

    (Sequel to Midnight!) "I gave you my heart, only to have it broken." After Bella runs off leaving Edward confused and heartbroken, he goes to Abby for a distraction. Abby pours her heart out to him, loving him with every part of her. But when Bella returns Edward immediately runs back to her, leaving Abby broken hear...

  • Midnight //Twilight//
    16.4K 498 24

    "Love is something I never thought I could maintain. But then I saw him" Abigail Mae Swan is the sister of Isabella or Bella Marie Swan. When they have to move to a small town named Forks they both fall in love with one guy. Edward Cullen. But he chooses Bella, all Abby can do is sit on the side line and watch. With...

  • Babe || Jasper Hale {2} ✔
    11.4K 298 17

    This is the sequel to Darling. {FINISHED} Madison and Bella turn 18. The whole Cullen family left forks leaving the girls heartbroken. How will Madison recover afterwards? Will she wait for Jasper? Will Madison go slowly insane? Takes place in New Moon Started: August 3rd, 2019 Ended: September 18th, 2019

  • Renesmee Twin Sister Evil Or Not
    1.5K 32 14

    What happened when Bella not one daughter but two daughters how is Jacob a react to this read to find out. Vote and comment on how do you like it open to ideas.

  • Healing//Jacob Black [2] (DISCONTINUED)
    11.9K 324 27

    Sequel to Imprinted Ariana Swan, Bella Swan's younger sister who Jacob Black imprinted on is now in even more danger than she was before. Victoria has taken an interest in her as well and is now hunting her down with Bella. See what happens to Ari along her road of discovery.

  • Once upon an imprint (a Seth Clearwater fanfic)
    19.5K 562 29

    Sorina stonewolf felt the need to have a fresh start in forks. Seth Clearwater was the happy go lucky youngest member of the pack. When their worlds collide and sorina's past comes back from the grave, will their fate rest in happiness or with the fishes? (Note I do not own twilight. This is my first twilight fan f...

  • I love you, wolf boy.
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    This 'Seth Clearwater' love story is written strictly for your entertainment. :) please enjoy. Vote and comment and tell me what you think.

  • Seth Clearwater and I
    68.1K 1.5K 19

    Sally Swan is the younger sister of Isabella Swan. She's very innocent. She's lived in Forks all of her life. Seth Clearwater is the younger brother of Leah Clearwater. He's very innocent. He's lived in La Push all of his life. What happens when he imprints on Sally? What will Bella say? ...

  • Seth Clearwater~His Imprint[COMPLETED]✔
    10K 1.3K 33

    Lizzy Ross and her father recently moved to Seattle, living next to her cousin Jacob Black. She expects to have a normal life here but instead her life turns upside when she meets a friend of her cousin named, Seth Clearwater. Sparks appear between them and it changes her life forever, will this be a good thing or can...

  • Seth's First Love
    70.4K 1.5K 32

  • Him (Seth's love story)
    242K 4.2K 73

    Adrianne Fitz is spending her summer with her cousin Bella and Uncle Charlie in this little town called Forks. She finds it interesting until she meets an mysterious strangers named Seth Clearwater. She knows what he is and what she is to him but danger comes that is unbearable. Can Seth protect his mate? Could this b...

  • Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Story
    514K 8.2K 35

    Seth Clearwater. You may know him as the fun optimistic guy from Twilight, but in Dusk Seth finally finds his other half, his soul mate, his imprint. Will he be able to keep her in his arms forever? Will she be too afraid of him? Will Seth have his Happy Ending?