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  • Red Riding The Alpha
    26.8M 661K 73

    ❝Let me make that tingling sensation in between your thighs disappear, it will take only a moment, Red.❞ Red lived in a small town in Pennsylvania with her grandmother. The town was known to invite supernatural creatures every year. Whenever the mating season struck, it was a ritual for young women, human or not to st...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Klayton | ✔️
    1.8M 65.4K 46

    "You were made for me. And I, for you." His breath is right beside my ear and I tightly shut my eyes closed. He leans down closer. "I was made to love you. To fuck you," My breath catches at the last part. I'm suddenly thinking naughty things and I can't help it. I'm imagining him taking me in his office. On this des...

    Completed   Mature
  • The King's Queen✔
    1.4M 42.7K 83

    HIGHEST RANK:- #6 IN WEREWOLF!! -------- I went into her room through the window. She was lying peacefully on her small bed. I went near her and bent to her level, I gently caressed her cheek and growled "Mine". I tucked her hair behind her ear and then saw a huge bruise on her left side of face, a growl erupted from...

  • My Monster Mate
    7.8M 276K 39

    Arabella Pines is the sweetest person anybody will ever meet. She is selfless and is all ways thinking about others. She is not only rich in kindness, but in beauty. And just like other she-wolves in her pack, Arabella cannot wait to meet her mate. She has wished upon every star, and has prayed to the Moon Goddess to...

  • A Demon's Love (The Demon King, #2)
    591K 21K 26

    Isabella and Dimitri have successfully defeated the Shadow, only to find out that they still can't get the happy ending they so badly want. Isabella's parents are not happy to find out about their relationship. But is that really their biggest problem or is love more cruel then that? Will they ever get the happy endin...

  • Shatter ✔ #TheWattys2017
    20.9M 742K 102

    HIGHEST RANKING: #1 IN WEREWOLF [[*COMPLETED*]] Nova is the daughter of a Beta. And her mate? The Alphas first born son. When they discover what they are to each other, it's a little too late. Because her beloved mate has come home with his shame in tow. A she wolf he impregnated while training in the north for the su...

  • The Lycan's Bride
    41.5K 1.9K 14

    Felix Elliott, the youngest of seven, does everything for her brothers and father after the death of her mysterious mother in an accident which left her crippled and unlikely to ever marry. However when Felix wakes up on her 18th birthday, she receives an ambiguous summons from the Lycan royal family, and her life wi...

  • The CEO Alpha King
    84K 2.3K 14

    Beautiful Mercedes Anderson a werewolf living among humans after giving up on finding her mate gets the shock of her life when the owner and new CEO of the marketing company she works for turns out to be the Alpha King. Her worst nightmare. And also, her mate. Every woman's wet dream, Cade Bravo, the Alpha King of th...

  • Alpha Alexander | astera22
    735K 22.8K 18

    *NEW UPDATE!* "Think you don't want me?" He asks, running his hand under my dress and along my inner thigh; amusement laced in his words and features, as he smirks down at me. His breath was fanning my neck, my own was held back and my muscles were paralysed. I was scared to inhale or exhale, because I didn't want to...

    1.8M 49.4K 23

    Just read the prologue, my dudes. Contains mature content and mental BDSM, 18+.

  • Awaken the Lycan King (short hiatus)
    120K 3.8K 10

    "There was a legend about the king of lycans. It was said that up until now, he is sleeping, waiting for the appearance of his mate." My best friend, Stacey, told me. "King of Lycans? Bullshit." "You don't believe me, do you Julia? I tell you it's true! He is real! My grandmother who is three fucking hundred years...

  • The Dark Side of the Moon
    5.6M 170K 63

    "Fuck, baby. You can't say things like that to me. I want to, also. Trust me." His hand snakes down my body until he enters two of his fingers into my wet center. I can only moan in response. "However," he kisses my neck possessively, finding the right spot to drive me crazy. "I need to build you up to that." He pushe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Claimed
    1.6M 54.1K 51

    It had been a stormy winter mix, the weather perfect for an unsupervised hunt. The moonlight illuminates my path as my paws crunch playfully on the forest floor. I leap and crawl under fallen trees. I lift up my snout trying to catch a scent in the air of anything I can sink my teeth into. A relatively silent journey...

  • My Alpha Mate (Completed)
    2.2M 66K 35

    Best ratings: #1 in #ya, #sexscenes and #mates, #4 in #romance - - - - - PLOT: LILA KING is somewhat notorious in her old wolfpack - as a child she led a rebel crew of delinquents who caused havoc in the reserve and fought vampires. She was one of the best fighters in the pack, but following her best friend's death at...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Truly
    7.4M 276K 65

    He was very angry. He was looking at me like he wants to either rape me or punch my face. "I can expla- " He cuts me off. "You have been a very very bad kitty. You have no idea what I've been through." His grip on my neck tighten suffocating my food pipe. "Strip." The word brought me out of the electric shock. "Wha...

  • The Mark of a Beta
    132K 6.5K 21

    Cooper Bradenton hates high school- most likely because his fellow werewolf classmates are assholes and treat him as the gay loner outcast. He has never been that guy- the popular jock with great grades, the powerful warrior with incredible skills and proud parents, or the talented tracker that his pack relies on. Coo...

  • Removing 10/June|The Kings Mate -Werewolf King #1-
    3.6M 92.9K 36

    This story will be removed soon and moved exclusively to GALATEA. |Highest werewolf rating #38 12.04.16| Lottie's never had a place to call home. Jumping at the slightest of noises and running from society is all she's know for the past four years, and cowering from the people she deemed untrustworthy before that. Wha...

  • Alpha Alexander
    5.4M 185K 40

    The only thing Phoebe Carmichael is looking forward to is turning eighteen. So when she's escorted out of school one day to meet an Alpha who claims she is his mate, her whole world turns upside down. Phoebe is determined to believe she's not the long awaited mate of the most powerful Alpha in the country, despite the...

  • Lycan and another Lycan
    128 7 6

    ~ 6 years ago ~ My mother had a sullen look on her face, I didn't like it at all especially since it was my birthday and sine the time I could tell what was what she would always have a depressed look on her face on my birthday, something about this day bothered her and seeing her like that not only bothered me but my...

  • The Alpha's Eversor
    1M 35K 44

    Trained to be unbeatable... Taught to show no fear... Bred to be the best... They called Rowan the destroyer- the Eversor. She was to be a weapon, only needed when called upon, caught up in what was supposed to be a lifelong business she never thought she'd escape. . . until the day she did. Alec is the Alpha of one o...

    Completed   Mature
  • The King's Mate
    620K 14.9K 27

    "No buts...You will be going with me and that's final", In seconds his lips were close to my neck and he whispered, "Get Packed, little Mate" ***** In a world where werewolves ruled the planet, and humans shivered at his very name... Seventeen- year old Kat was ripped away from her family and her life by werewolves. K...

  • Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson
    7.4M 31.7K 6

    Belle has not had the best life. Most of it she spent taking care of her sick father while her mother ran off to sleep with other men. So you can imagine her frustration when, only a few months after the death of her father, her mother forces her to come spend the holidays with her and her new family. But what happen...

  • The Mating Ball
    2.7K 104 13

    It's the 50th annual Mating Ball where all werewolves ages 18-26 attend to find a mate. The male werewolves choose which she-wolf they want by their side. And the females, if chosen, have no say in the matter. They must accept the male as their mate. Now this may seem extreme, especially for the women, but it was the...

  • River Falls - The Wolves ***SAMPLE ONLY ***
    1.1M 21.9K 37

    He is Captain of the football team. Most popular Guy in school. Can get any girl he wants. Next in line to be Alpha. Logan's not ready for a mate, he was enjoying his easy life, but all that is about to change when the new girl turns up at school. She's grieving the death of her parents. Moved to a new town. New Sch...

  • Alpha Vincent Wants Me | Completed ✅
    2.2M 71.9K 47

    His cold silver irises pierce my honey ones as he stalks closer. Why is he walking towards me? I wonder. Soon, his tall dark figure lingers over my shorter frame. I take a small step to the right to let him past. However, for some peculiar reason, he doesn't pass me. He smiles a vicious smile revealing his extended ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | ON GOING.
    7.4M 209K 74

    |HIGHEST RANKING| #4 in Werewolf. #1 in Mate. * "He's dangerous. He's invincible." "He can take on hundreds of werewolves all by himself." "Because of his crebrous sins, he's bound to live alone forever, without a mate." "The moon goddess didn't bless him with a mate as a punishment to his atrocious ways." "Who will e...

  • Dominating Desires ✓
    31.9M 419K 48

    *Sexual Content* Brylee Acosta isn't what you would call innocent, but she's still what you would call a good girl. That all changed one drunk night That night her brother's best friend showed her just what she's been missing in her life. She know's what she's doing is wrong and shouldn't happen because her brother wo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silent Luna
    6.5M 223K 34

    Eirenae Leigh's mother died when she was seven; she hasn't uttered a word since. Eirenae's father blames her for the tragic car accident and has been abusive towards her ever since. If he is even suspicious of someone onto them, they pack up and move. Eirenae isn't allowed to make any friends because of it. So when sh...

  • Alpha's Little Luna
    4.2M 108K 78

    "Tell me girl, why did you and your worthless self waltz into my territory?" An unfamiliar voice booms just before me. I keep my head down as my eyes begin to close. This is it, this is where my life will be ending. I always thought that it might be at the hand of my stepfather, but no. It's of some other guys who al...

  • Alpha Ren ✔️
    823K 35.3K 50

    *BOOK ELEVEN* (Can be read as standalone) "There's a problem with your theory," he murmurs, the touch of his fingers down my jawline, down my neck, a silent warning. I'm in the midst of a cold, calculated predator. "One side of me wants to preserve that precious innocence of yours, while the other, well, wants to abso...