The Alpha's Eversor

The Alpha's Eversor

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Eri M. By EriAeternum Completed

Trained to be unbeatable...
Taught to show no fear...
Bred to be the best...

They called Rowan the destroyer- the Eversor.

She was to be a weapon, only needed when called upon, caught up in what was supposed to be a lifelong business she never thought she'd escape. . . until the day she did.

Alec is Alpha of one of the largest werewolf packs in the world, and then he finally finds his mate. She isn't at all what he expected. To him, she's stubborn, hard-headed, fierce, and is keeping secrets from him. He knows she isn't what she seems, and wants her to trust and confide in him. It's a lot harder than he expected though.

With new problems inching their way into her life, a man she has unexplained feelings for, and a past that seems determined to haunt her, Rowan doesn't know how to balance it all out. 

The only thing she ever craved was to be free and now when faced with options for the first time, she doesn't know what to choose. All she's ever done was follow orders, but will she be able to push everything aside to follow her heart?

An Aeterian Story- First Book

*Mature Content*
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