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  • Back door #Wattys2016
    2.1K 119 10

    "I will find that back door to your heart." Back Door : A hidden entry or trap door in a software or program that bypasses security measures such as logins and passwords. Cover credits: @deviation- Highest Ranking : #27 in Action

  • The Eighth Breakup ✓
    1M 60K 39

    "For a broken heart, the limit for revenge . . . does not exist." __________________________ What happens when you get caught breaking garden gnomes and throwing eggs at your sister's ex-boyfriend's house? In Helen's case, she gets stuck with Nolan Milesblue, the revenge-driven high school outsider who wants to...

  • Road Trip Girls ✔
    128K 4K 31

    Molly and Cole have been together since their sophomore year in high school. With him attending Penn State and her at Frostburg University, they promised to contact each other as much as possible. However, calls, texts, and video chats have been brief and short for the couple. She plans to visit her boyfriend for spri...

  • The Book of Tales
    585 26 10

    Rebecca Hathaway believes that reading a book is a way to escape. She is sick of her life and doesn't know what to do anymore. No matter how much she wishes the books were realities they aren't...or so she thinks. One night she stumbles across an old and ancient family book bound in leather called The Book of Tales...

  • The Invisible Best Friends
    8.8M 355K 58

    Meet Alyssa Bent, she's a nerd. But not your typical one. She likes to read, but her world doesn't totally revolve around books. She's not shy nor does she stutter when someone tries to corner her. She can stand up to anyone provided it doesn't involve attention. Attention is the only thing that scares her, and like a...

  • Hate vs. Love ✓ [Original Version]
    4.1M 159K 61

    L-O-V-E: something that only happens in movies, books, and other fiction. I live in the real world. Heck, I have never even said that word. Bad words, I tell you. * * * Cassandra Evans does not believe in "love." Because of this term, people end up unhappy. She is the epitome of brutal honesty; one of her primary proc...

  • Most Unique Story
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    Is your story unique?

  • With love
    12.1K 1K 16

    Annabelle Smith was just a simple regular seventeen years old girl.With a couple friends and perfect grades.Her days were plain and boring. Until the car accident happened her life was destroyed!She couldn't follow her passion anymore drawing.She was desperate.She felt vulnerable,hurt. But what will happen when Adria...

  • Lost and Found
    10.3K 538 57

    This story starts off focusing on secrets and truth. "I'm gonna give all my secrets away." ~One Republic But the priorities change after the secrets are revealed. The parents kept something from Jamie and she treats them like "Somebody That [She] Used To Know." ~Gotye But the parents are stubborn to make their daughte...

  • He's trouble.
    733 25 3

    Liv is in her senior year in high school, when a game of spin-the-bottle forces her and her child hood friend Kian to kiss, making them realize they have feelings for each other. They do their best to hide their feelings in public, but alone they can't help themselves. When they are finally ready to present their rela...