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    ❝all empires fall, girl, watch as yours turns to ashes around you.❞ cover by: @allamason

  • Her Choice {Haitus}
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    Taylor Williams is her school's quite nerd. With bronde hair(yes that's a thing), and striking green/gold eyes, she has caught the attention of her school's resident bad boy, Hayden Black. As she is swept into his world after being taken from her abusive boyfriend, Taylor realizes she has a choice..stay with Hayden, s...

  • roses and starlight | acotar
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    ❝he is midnight dreams and starlit nightmares; and you, my love, are trapped in his web.❞ · {an acotar fanfic} · © dqrkin 2018

  • A Million Roads to Nowhere
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    (BxB) A magical pendant, an irreversible curse, an adventure across a vast country, and a war that will change the world. // Patrick has grown up in the teeny town of Vertbank, never having gone far past its confines. When planning to run away from an arranged marriage with his best friend, a pendant belonging to the...

  • Stalked
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    I always thought I would meet the perfect guy. But I didn't. And now..Now I have to save myself.

  • wings in the wicked dark | httyd
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    ❝ we're vikings; it's an occupational hazard. ❞ - Edvard Henriksen, son of the chief and his clan's resident troublemaker, is nearing his seventeenth nameday; the day he ventures into the treacherous mountains of Gerd to claim his very own dragon. A sacred ritual that has stood for hundreds of years, this is one thi...