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  • Grey's anatomy preferences + one shots
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    Grey's anatomy set your standards too high too? 🌧 + Derek + Alex + Owen + Jackson + Mark + George + Andrew grey's : seasons i- requests open! seattle grace mercy west ©️ 2018

  • Tom Holland Short Imagines
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    Angst-y Sad Happy Cute Imagines with actor Tom Holland [500 words or less] [second person] BTW: please feel free to make these into full imagines if you would like. I'm writing these just to give you guys something to daydream about.

  • Grey's Anatomy Imagines & Preferences {English}
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    Just another book of imagines and preferenes. Requests are CLOSED, you can pick a character from this list: > Derek Shepherd > Mark Sloan > Owen Hunt > George O'Malley > Denny Duquette > Alex Karev > Meredith Grey > Cristina Yang > Lexie Grey > Izzie Stevens > Callie Torres Fill in thi...

  • Grey's Anatomy Preferences
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    Grey's Anatomy Preferences book. I will be doing Derek, Owen, Alex, Richard, Jackson, and Jason. If I left someone out that you want me to include just let me know and I will try my best!! I will be updating this at least 2 times a week!! Don't be shy!! Comment what you think!

  • social media | grey's anatomy
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    ever wonder what would happen if your favorite surgeons had social media? *** ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  • Damsel- [MARK SLOAN 1]
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    she was the damsel in distress while he was her knight in a white lab coat. *** STARTED: [6.29.17] ENDED: [7.27.17] COPYRIGHT JAMIEWRITES3 SECOND GREY'S ANATOMY BOOK; FIRST: BAY'S ANATOMY

  • Grey's Anatomy OneShots
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    This is a fanfic book on different ways events could have ended in Grey's Anatomy. There's also some scenes that I made up *rewriting*

  • Grey's Anatomy Preferences
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    Formerly known as Brownstone88. Title is self explanatory. Story will ONLY include: +Derek Shepherd +Mark Sloan +Alex Karev +Owen Hunt +Jackson Avery +George O'Malley I only own my writing, I don't actually own the show or the characters... GO NUTS!!

  • Grey's Anatomy Imagines
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    Imagines of Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd, Jackson Avery and Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy. You may request a different male character. [Requests: OPEN]

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    ❝pick me choose me love me❞ [REQUESTS OPEN] [NO SMUT]

  • Grey's Anatomy Preferences
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    Preferences for Derek, Mark, Jackson, Owen, and Alex.