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  • The Girl Who Wrote The Dating Manual
    463K 21K 33

    *Watty Awards 2015 Winner* Ever since Candice Sinclair started college, her life has consisted of books, studying and classes. She's never had time for romance, but she doesn't believe in love, anyway. Brought up in a life where true love didn't exist, she lost hope in ever finding her Prince Charming. That is until...

  • Cupid's Assistant {Completed}
    293K 11.3K 27

    Mia Starr is back at school for her senior year. And now that Ash is living under her roof, it's gotten a lot harder to ignore her feelings for him. To make everything worse, along comes new guy, Hunter Hastings, who immediately captures Mia's attention. But Ashton is determined to win her back, and he won't give u...

  • It's a Matter of Life or Death *READ DESCRIPTION*
    969 52 9

    ~~DISCONTINUED~~ *Hey guys, so I'm not going to be writing on this story anymore. I think I'm going to rewrite it instead, so yeah. I'm going to keep this version up though so you can read this if you want lol* What would you do if anyone who touched your skin was instantly killed? Or if anyone that was sick, injured...

  • Cupid's Incorporated {Completed}
    507K 18.9K 32

    All Mia Starr wanted was a normal summer. But what does she get instead? A job as a receptionist at her mother's elite matchmaking company, Cupid's Incorporated. The last thing she expects is for an English CEO to walk in. And for that CEO to fall in love with her mother. Or for that CEO to have a son, Ashton. One who...