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  • A Querulous Quest
    160 12 5

    Book 1 of the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm Three mismatched adventurers set out on a journey that will prove to be far longer and stranger than any of them could possibly anticipate. Driven by a shared interest in an enigmatic device from beyond their world, their quest will forge and test friendships; enco...

  • Mistaken - Book One Of The Closecall Series - (PUBLISHED ON AMAZON!)
    288 89 10

    This book is currently published on Amazon! 16yr old Caitlyn; walking home in the pouring rain. A man in a beat up, red truck offering a free ride. And a bad feeling inside, that sends her running without looking back. The decisions you make could save your life! Will she make the right ones? Check out Book 2 "Mau...

  • A Tremulous Test
    51 5 5

    Book 2 of the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm On a quest to recover a device from beyond their world, three travellers wander far beyond their comfort zones and encounter their first major test. Can anyone survice the crossing of the Tullgotha toll bridge? A knohm, a renling and an urgh-bane wouldn't normally j...

  • Mauled - Book 2 of the Close Call Series (Currently Published On Amazon)
    245 51 16

    *These books do not have to be read in order. A camping trip, gone seriously wrong. A group of friends are on a camping trip, everything is normal that is until they all lay down for bed. Suddenly they begin to hear strange noises, scared to death they don't even peak outside. Terrified, they lay awake trembling, h...

  • Playground of the Undead Children
    141 6 2

    Stitches and her friends headed to the playground, with visions of laughter and camaraderie like days before. Never believeing they were in any danger from the escapee in news, But they were.

  • The Unlikely Witches of Christmas
    204 22 4

    When Jenny's grandmother asked her to take over her strange Christmas ritual, Jenny agreed to help. After preforming the task, Jenny now wondered if her dearest grandma would be considered a witch. AND, If so, what does that make her? This is a dark Christmas story about family, obligation and love.