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  • Intimidation ♡ joshler
    77.8K 2.5K 83

    Tyler would be lying if he said he wasn't intimidated by this new kid; his first day of school hasn't even really started yet and he already managed to get in a fight with fucking Pete Wentz of all people, and he didn't even seem bothered in the slightest when Pete was screaming in his face. It should probably be in...

  • Opposites Attract
    57.9K 2.7K 22

    A poor kid had no business living next to a rich kid with a spoiled family. Bucky wasn't thrilled about the idea, but he certainly wasn't expecting to fall in love with said rich kid. He wasn't expecting Steve Rogers to enter his life. (Cover by @Legit_Fandom_Trash) #1 stucky Nov 2018 #1 buckybarnesxsteverogers Mar 2...

  • IronDad and SpiderSon
    245K 10.1K 35

    Because they're adorable and because I need something to help cure the Infinity War depression. That said, I have no idea what I'm doing. If you have suggestions for what I'm doing and how I could do it better then please feel free to comment and criticize as you see fit.

  • Book of One Shots
    790 21 15

    Random one shots, (ill take suggestions)

  • One-Shot-Shit
    210 0 7

    Read title^^^

  • Wet Dream • boyf riends •
    540K 18.4K 35

    Jeremy Heere had always been into girls. If you want to be more specific, Christine Canigula. That was a fact well known to he and his best friend, Michael Mell until Jeremy found himself having weird, unexplainable dreams about that aforementioned 'best friend'. Will they stay simply best friends forever, or will thi...

  • My Dear Boss
    3.2K 236 20

    Connor McKinley is the drama/choir teacher at Salt Lake High. He is loved by all of his students, but what happens when he gets a cute new boss? Kevin Price just got a new job as principal Salt Lake High. He goes in expecting to just deal with normal problems that a principal faces, but what will happen when he meets...

  • Everything Will Be Alright. (A Churchtarts Fanfic)
    2K 118 11

    A Churchtarts fanfic with some McPriceley in the background. Trigger Warnings: Panic attacks, Mental breakdowns, Suicidal thoughts, Self harm, and Abuse. I don't own any art for the covers including the one above.

  • Play The Game (A Boyf Riends Fanfic)
    48.1K 1.6K 27

    A Boyf Riends (Jeremy x Michael) Fanfic College AU. Jeremy and Michael are complete strangers and become college roommates. Yada yada. TRANSGENDER MICHAEL INCLUDED FIGHT ME.

  • All I Want Is You (A McPriceley Fanfic)
    2.9K 113 11

    When the new recruit, Elder Price, in Uganda appears to have caught District Leader Elder McKinley's eye, he finds it a LOT harder to 'Turn It Off', but the super-mormon is the PERFECT MORMON. He would never love another man, especially McKinley... But Elder Price, too, gets feelings for Elder McKinley, but he thinks...

  • Touch Me
    35.4K 1.6K 141

    Love is not a sin •trigger warning•

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Me Or Leave Me {McPriceley} (Post-Musical) [HIATUS]
    9.3K 662 21

    (THIS IS NOT A RENT AU THAT'S JUST THE TITLE) What happens when Connor McKinley comes out as gay to the District 9 Elders? All hell breaks loose. (McPriceley, Background Churchtarts and Arnaba)

  • Sick
    1.5K 111 9

    Au where some of the elders(only churchtarts , McPriceley, and Cunnulungi) have mental illnesses and get sent to a mental hospital/jail after committing certain crimes. THIS WILL BE TRIGGERING PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS IS DEALING WITH MENTAL ILLNESS Cover by: @elderfreshavocado

  • Churchtarts College AU (pastelxpunk)
    6.1K 351 24

    It's a Churchtarts fanfic oh boy! McPriceley is prominently featured, but not the main focal point of the story. This is gonna be trash because I'm a basic bitch and a lazy hoe, but just deal with me Also the way I draw/imagine them is heavily inspired by Crystallized Twilight on Tumblr because their art is heccin am...

  • McPriceley Soulmate AU - RP Story
    372 11 2

    A RP I'm doing and turning it into a story!

  • The sound of your voice
    1K 75 1

    a short McPriceley fic . . Imagine that Kevin is deaf. when he arrives in Uganda, The only person who knows sign language is Conner. Though Kevin can speak and Be easily understood... he can't understand others as well because he can't read lips. Conner is the only person who can help him understand. . . this is a sh...

  • You Don't Have to 'Turn it Off' Anymore
    864 56 10

    Whizzer helps McKinley come out. That's about it

  • In His Shoes {Book Of Mormon/McPriceley}
    1.5K 77 10

    They say if you want to really know someone you should walk a mile in their shoes. Well, Kevin Price and Connor McKinley know perfectly well how it feels to walk in the others well as the rest of their bodies. When Kevin and Connor start randomly switching bodies, what does that mean for their lives, and wh...

  • Bitter-Sweet | Book of Mormon
    693 35 6

    Kevin Price is a hard-working and intelligent super-Mormon who tries his best to stick to his religion; even if sometimes it doesn't really make any sense. What happens when he wakes up?

  • Leather (A Grease! Mcpriceley fanfiction)
    5.9K 342 12

    Grease! BOM AU - 1953, Conner Mckinley is new to Salt Lake High, and not used to any of the chaos that goes down there. He's just a normal, well raised kid from a homeschool. But he realizes he has a little secret when he is introduced to Kevin Price, a popular, dreamy greaser. He befriends with outcast and leader of...

  • McPriceley Oneshots
    2.6K 76 3

    Just a collection of (what I deem to be) cute McPriceley oneshots.

  • MCPRICELEY - Ding Dong!
    1.7K 130 10

    Kevin is tired of this Mormon Missionary, who keeps coming to his door each morning. He keeps taking the Book, hoping he'll go away. But, he won't. The two share their dreams, hopes, and pasts with each other, resulting in a friendship which cannot be broken. Through Connor, Kevin makes new friends he'd neve...

  • I Can't Crush My Gay Box! (McPriceley!)
    11.1K 644 11

    I've noticed there aren't many McPriceley fanfics.... So I'm writing one! :3 Because they're so damn adorable.

  • Never Turn it Off! (McPriceley)
    1.6K 102 10

    High School McPriceley AU. (Yes I know another High School AU but whatever.) Kevin and Connor have been best friends for a year. Since meeting, they have created a special bond and are inseparable. Them, being drama kids, auditioned for the leads of the musical Falsettos. Follow the two on their journey through high s...

  • Good Boy Gone Bad (McPriceley!)
    21.1K 1K 10

    (This fanfic is continuing after the end of the show!) Connor McKinley has always had a bit of a crush on Kevin Price. Ever since he came to Uganda, to the very day their converts put on that offensive (yet smash hit!) performance commemorating the Book of Arnold. But when Kevin, uptight, good boy Kevin, does someth...

  • McPriceley One Shots
    11.7K 585 13

    AU's and Fluff (But Mostly Fluff)

  • You're Always In It | mcpriceley smut fanfic |
    19.5K 413 7

    Lately, Elder Mckinley was a lot on Elder Prices mind. He was in his dreams. When he was near him he couldn't stop looking. Elder Price wasn't sure what was happening but he knew that things would change if the other elders found out, especially Elder Mckinley ...

  • Broken (McPriceley)
    30.2K 1.2K 62

    Just another McPriceley fanfic that'll end up being really long. Contains a lot of angst and touchy subjects, so this will serve as the trigger warning. Cover art drawn by me :P

  • {McPriceley}
    68.6K 3.4K 45

    This story takes place during the events of the musical and then continues after the show ends I feel like I should give this an actual title but idk what I would call it. Comments are much appreciated. ♥ 🌈