McPriceley One-Shots

McPriceley One-Shots

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PeachTea1 By PeachTea1 Updated May 30, 2018

    He was in Elder McKinley's bed.

    No, he was in Connor's bed. Kevin reminded himself, shifting awkwardly.

    "Quit moving, you're making it difficult to sleep." Elder McKinl- Connor mumbled, wrapping an arm around Kevin's waist as he spooned him. 

    He tried to stay still after that, he really did, but somehow this still felt wrong, even though they'd been dating for a few months.

    Connor really had been patient with him, taking things slow. Kevin had finally agreed just to sleep in the same bed, as long as Connor promised not to try anything.

    Connor had promised with a wink and click of his tongue, but Kevin had had no doubts that he wouldn't do anything without Kevin prompting it first.

    He tossed again, trying to make himself comfortable and earning another groan from Elder McK- Connor. 

   "Is something wrong, baby?" Connor asked groggily, reaching his hand up to play with Kevin's hair. 

    "No." Kevin answered quietly, going still again. 

    "Kev, tha...

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