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  • Elma x Male Reader | A Knight And A Dragon
    36.9K 511 4

    When dragons came to the human world, Miss Kobayashi has one friend that Elma of the Harmony Faction would love..

  • The Galaxy dragon, blue dragon emperor
    1M 13.5K 73

    (y/n) was orphaned until he was 10 years old he was adopted by the hyoudou family and living a happy life. but something within him was about to awaken a hidden power that was sealed and a sacred gear of the 3rd heavenly dragon that could rival the dragon gods. your name: (y/n) hair color: (h/c) eye color: (e/c) This...

    Completed   Mature
  • Highschool DxD x male reader. Resurrection
    363K 4K 30

    Disclaimer: I do not own any Highschool DxD rights, or characters. A boy who has suffered many trials and Hardships, will meet the ORC, giving him a new life, as a devil.

  • monster monsume x male reader
    575K 6.1K 66

    you are a normal boy who lives in a house with monster girls what will turn out the adventure

    Completed   Mature
  • RWBY x MaleReader
    1.5M 22.2K 96

    (Y/N) is a 17 yr old boy who's accidentally mutated with the power of electricity. (Y/N) was in a world full of infected (from Prototype), making him the only survivor, and who is on the hunt to kill the man who made him this way, Alex Mercer. Then all of a sudden (Y/N) found a portal where Alex Mercer made, then tran...

    Completed   Mature
  • The sweet one (Android 21 x male saiyan OC)
    365K 4K 95

    You are a saiyan, living on planet Earth as one of it's defenders. You had been redeemed, thanks to Goku and friends, and now, you're part of the good guys! But you come across a conflict of interests, as you start to fall in love with the new threat to the Earth: Android 21. Will it work out. READ AND FIND OUT! (Spoi...

  • (Y) The Harem King
    630K 5.4K 18

    The old harem king is dying and so he transfers his power to his son (Y) and as the boy grows older the harem king power grows attracting all girls. Will this be to much for him to handle

  • Caulfila x male god of destruction! Reader!
    232K 2.1K 26

    Yn, a warrior of universe 7 and the stormiest of universe 7 who had battled against 100% Beerus decides to go visit to Universe 6. While visiting a planet he decides to fight Champa but accidental kills him, now has become to god do destruction of Universe 6. Enjoy!:)

  • The Innocent Bystander (PowerfulM!Reader x Kill La Kill)
    1.7M 27.1K 24

    Meet (Y/N), the most powerful hero on earth... that no one has ever heard of. He's done it all, slay monsters, avert disasters, and save the planet and if there is one thing he's learned is that he REALLY wants a break. After deciding to have a normal life, (Y/N) has chosen to finish high school. And what better place...

  • fem Goku Black x male saiyan reader beauty of a rose
    339K 3.7K 25

    You are Y/n Briefs the adopted son of Vegeta. You proved to be stronger than him at a young age. And because of that. Many major villains died at your feet. You killed Freiza with Goku. Killed Cell with Gohan. Even killed Kid Buu before Goku could finish the spirt bomb.