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  • Graphic shop [CLOSED]
    2.9K 267 27

    THIS SHOP IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED! Please head to @hetmeisjezondernaam_ or the last chapter of this book for more information. ........ In which you can request a graphic. Covers, banners, headers, picspams/aesthetics, book jackets,sashes, watermarks, stickers,gifs Looking for icons? Go to our book 'icons'.

  • Celin Graphics
    167K 26.2K 194

    #1 in Graphics (5/21/2018) #1 in Multimedia (7/12/2018) Commissions are OPEN. Requests are NON-COMMITTING (see the chapter 2) A place where I showcase the graphics that I'm super proud of and stuff like that c: If you're reading this on a different website that is not Wattpad, you are at risk of a malware attack. If y...

  • The Lightning Girl
    2.9K 380 16

    She's no villain... she's just a teen with serious issues. Adolescence can be hell. But it's three times as hot for Mara. She's got strange electrokinetic powers that enable her to fry a human inside out! She can't have a boyfriend, cause then she'll most definitely electrocute him. Dead with a smooch. When she finall...

  • Of Blood and Stone [TSS Book 3]
    13.1K 1.2K 60

    As a tragic death rips both his family and the empire apart, Prince Argus soon realizes that more than his reputation is at stake. Just barely securing the regency while also recovering from a near-fatal accident, Argus finally has his chance to tangle with politics but having the weight of the empire and his father's...

  • Of Vipers and Saints [TSS Book 2]
    16.4K 1.4K 46

    After an assassination attempt puts his brother on edge, Prince Argus finally gains the political power he always wanted, but it comes with a heavy price. A price that places a larger gap between him and Leo, who is still struggling to adjust to his new life. With new alliances, old friends, and even older grudg...

  • Of Rust and Gold [TSS Book 1]
    66.6K 5K 53

    As ninth in line to the throne, Argus knows he is never to be king, but that doesn't stop him from seeking every opportunity to gain political power. More than anything he wants to escape his engagement to his cousin and, due to complications surrounding the origins of his birth, to be seen as an equal to his brothers...