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    1.1M 56.8K 77

    In a desperate attempt to secure a roof over her younger sister's head, nineteen year old Allie Winthrop takes a job that no one else seemed too eager to apply for. The job is a maid position for a well to do family who had made a fortune in both the ranching and railroad industries. Her bosses, Mr. and Mrs. Treadwel...

  • Small Town Love
    321K 13.4K 49

    *** All places and people in this story are fictional. Any similarities or parallels to real people, places or events is purely coincidence! Enjoy reading :) *** Vince Griffin is all work and no play.Running his company takes every spare second of his life and that is the way he prefers it. He has no urge for a wife...

  • The Gentle Giant
    1.2M 32.1K 51

    I look down at the frail frame of the girl. I unlatched her cage and nudged her with my foot. It seems cruel, but the other trainers would have done much worse to see her ignoring their commands to rise. "Wake up, you're being moved," I say to her, crouching down and shaking her. She lies unmoving and a heaviness set...

    Completed   Mature
  • Healing in Medicine Bow
    383K 15.6K 13

    Misty Rundell, a bright eyed waitress and single mother was running for her life. She would do anything to protect her tiny daughter, even if it meant running from town to town for the rest of their lives. Jackson Silverman, a grouchy, but young and successful rancher, had sworn off women three years ago after he fou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lonely Cowboy Looking For....
    1.5M 59.4K 53

    Kyle is a single father of two children, one with special needs. He's tired of being lonely. His friends suggest posting an ad online to see whats out there. Rebecca is a pediatric nurse who's life just isn't what she wants. She wants a family and children. One night she comes across an online ad by accident. Lonely...

  • By My Side
    14.3K 477 21

    Opposites attract when a wealthy CEO falls for his beautiful, mysterious new employee. Determined to give her son Jake the childhood he deserves, PHoebe Losste has left a tough past behind and is starting fresh. After landing a position in a prestigious tech company, she could never have anticipated the challenges an...

  • Claiming of the Demon King (ICS Book One)
    6.3M 227K 43

    Purchased by the Demon King, Victoria O'Hare is thrown into the world of the immortal. Brutal and ruled by instinct, the Demon King comes to her in the dark, filling her world with pleasure and fear. Cursed and broken, King Sebastian struggles to control his inner demon. He now owns a sweet little beauty. One who call...

  • My Cowboy, My Hero
    1.3M 27.5K 31

    As one of Georgia's most successful ranchers, Rhye Collins doesn't have time to even consider dating, but that changes when he meets Katrina Davis. When he sees the beautiful, but broken, girl. It is an instant attraction. It isn't a sexual attraction, but an urge to protect the innocent beauty from a horrible past an...