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  • News & Updates
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  • The Legendary Iron Brigade
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    When unknown and advanced scientists use genetic engineering to create the perfect soldiers, victory is assured. What happens when they want them back?

  • Blue Sun
    89.9K 5.1K 5

    In a world with two suns, Tesni Kendrick has been taught to fear the blue sun and the people it shines over. In the South, the Wilde can harness the blue sun's power to perform great and terrible feats of magic. Tesni makes her home in the North, where the Wilde are the enemy, the blue sun doesn't shine and magic does...

  • The Last Philosopher
    48.2K 5.6K 90

    11x featured wattpad story. Before everything, it's assumed there was nothing, but what if there was no real difference between the two? Just two extreme philosophies from the first conflict. The planet Huom has been under observation for longer than should technically be possible. The primary watcher, a bitter black...

  • Ignite (Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
    102K 9.6K 38

    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Phoenix Knight is one of the last remaining guardians in Braskey. Born to keep peace and defend the weak, Phoenix has spent her sixteen years hidden away with an adoptive family that is nowhere near as simple as it seems. Hiding away has her...

  • Sample: A Stolen Kiss (Book #1 in A Stolen Royals series)
    2M 33.8K 11

    NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND E-BOOK This is a 10-chapter sample of a published novel. A stolen kiss. An unstable curse. One big mess in the making. Derric Harver never expected to amount to anything more than the palace stableboy, but when Princess Maria's curse keeps her from accepting a prince's proposal, she turn...

  • Uriel
    741K 48K 26

    *Sequel to Paladin* The kingdom of Thule stands on the brink of civil war between two armies -- the Paladins and the Uriel -- each claiming the right to serve as Thule's protector. Once a Paladin trainee, Lady Samantha of Haywood -- Sam -- has been named a traitor to king and country by the Paladins' High Commander...

  • Ruby Prince - Shadow Weaver Prequel (Book 2)
    14.5K 1K 8

    This is the Prequel to Shadow Weaver. It can be read as a stand-alone, but if you plan on reading Shadow Weaver, you shouldn't read this first!! Despised by his father, shunned by the royal court, Prince Jakut's only desire is to leave the palace and join the Elite Commanders. But his father, the King, will go to any...

  • Being re-born: Dragon Born: Book I of the Tendaaren Chronicles
    111K 1.2K 9

    ⚔️multi-award recipient⚔️ Before you is a girl not terribly unique at first glance, though she could be considered beautiful by any known standards. Crowning her head is a waterfall of caramel-laced chocolate hair that rests just past her shoulders. Her skin is gently kissed by the sun, and her eyes are the color of...