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  • Let There Be Carnage
    14.4K 293 12

    on the brinks of death after fighting Chitose and her group, Toga hide yourself in a shed where she is losing a lot of blood from her injuries, but not too far from her area a small meteor hits the ground and what comes out of it needs a host

  • RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG)
    1.5M 16.4K 94

    RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios Includes Characters Such As: -Ruby -Weiss -Blake -Yang -Pyrrha -Nora -Emerald -Cinder -Raven -Neon Katt -Velvet -Coco -Neo -Penny -Winter -Glynda -Salem -Ilia (Cover art is not mine)

  • Good Morning Miss Avery
    230K 8K 82

    I made my way through the hallway and saw Dakota standing next to the counter. I stopped midway and just took her in. She was in black skirt that just hugged every curve she had perfectly. Her candy apple red shirt clung to her body like another layer of skin, the front was low cut and revealed more of her breasts I h...

  • Teen!Summer Rose x Fem Wolf Faunus Reader
    46.8K 1K 8

    Summer Rose and her team, team STRQ, were chosen for a very dangerous mission. But that meant possibly never seeing her friend and crush, (Y/N), ever again. Should she confess?

  • The Fragile Omega
    194K 5.4K 19

    What happens when a fragile omega meets a protctive alpha and luna who happen to be her mate? What happens when you throw in agression and violence into the mix? Or an ex girlfriend? What will happen to her who will she choose? (Warning: Contains topics such as self-harm, abuse, girlxgirl, futanari and just sexual con...

  • Weiss Schnee x Fem Cat Faunus Reader
    115K 2.2K 25

    What once started as a short fluffy Christmas story, turned into a battle for these two girls' freedom, happiness, and love. This is a story about their love for each other, which they both thought was one-sided. But something - or even, someone - could get in the way. Can they both escape the people of their troubled...

  • Yuri One-shots
    797K 10.9K 102

    Just some yuri one-shots (。◕ ∀ ◕。) Requests are closed and I won't be taking any of it in unless I run out of ideas then I will look through the comments section for a request I like to write

  • Fairy Tail Yuri One-shots
    1.2M 13.6K 41

    Sure, there are fanfictions about Fairy tail guys x female readers. But what about the beautiful ladies of Fairy Tail! I also won't be taking in any requests unless I run out of ideas. If I do, I'll look through the comments for a request I like and then write it Credits to @JuliaVeronik8 for the cover! <3