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  • Severus Snape: The Half Blood Prince
    2.1K 644 41

    #8 severussnape June 4, 2019 If you were given the chance to change someone's fate, who would you choose and why? There are many possibilities of who or whom one might pick.A normal person, yourself, a friend, a foe, but if you like fictional characters, why not choose one of them? Severus Snape was chosen by an indiv...

  • Memento Vivere
    6.6K 493 5

    Juxtaposition. That was what Harry Potter ended up becoming. After being missing in his first year, allowing Voldemort to rise in power, unseen and unheard but still there, and vastly more powerful. A desperate Dumbledore is finally able to track the boy-who-lived down, on his thirteenth birthday in a place no one wou...

  • Intoxicated Babbling
    2.7K 154 2

    Stuck in a tunnel with an injured Harry Potter is the last thing Snape expected to happen. But when Potter gets rather loose tongued thanks to a pain reliever, will Snape be forced to re-think his judgments of the boy?

  • The Edge Of Reason
    2.6K 114 3

    A different take on WBWL, Lily Potter takes Harry and runs, runs straight into the arms of one Severus Snape, quite literally actually. AU (obviously). Rated Mature for occasional Profanities (Bad Language). Can Severus Snape rebuild his reputation and gain back his friendship with Lily? Also being uploaded on Fanfic...

  • I Will Always Be With You
    9.8K 474 13

    Severus Snape received the visit of Lily Potter in a dream and asked him to take care of his eight-year-old child. Severus accepted, but the world is a much more dangerous place when you are Harry Potter, making the task almost impossible to fulfill. Severitus. Remus Lupin/Severus Snape. Good Malfoys

  • ALICE ⟶ Percy Weasley
    1.2M 45.8K 24

    In 1865, a young girl by the name of Alice Liddell went missing from outside of her home in Oxford, England. Left in the care of her older sister, Margaret, no one could understand how the seven-year-old had disappeared so suddenly. Yet, after multiple search parties were gathered, she was never found, leaving her fam...

  • Harry Potter's Forgotten Sister
    280K 7.8K 32

    Once, Rose Potter had a happy life, living with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin. But all too soon it changed, Rose Potter turned from Darling Rose, to Freak. Harry Potter's sister has been forgotten for years. Abused by her aunt and uncle, how will she cope at Hogwarts when her past is full of traumatic experiences? Will...

  • ♠We Aren't Friends [Bad End Friends] ♠
    9.2K 523 43

    ♠Bad End Friends story.♠ "No, we were never friends. " "If I die I want to drag you and him with me. " "What is sweeter? The blood thirsty chocolate mix in a person's eyes when they get betrayed, or the shocked grey eyes expression when they die? " True, they were never friends. At the top if their game as the...

  • Brothers Conflict: Only One
    392K 9.2K 44

    Kurobani Mae was recently adopted from an old orphanage where she resided for the past 17 years of her life. A gentle smile of the woman named Asahina Miwa, set Mae to agree to live with her new fourteen siblings in a place called "Sunrise Residence". Mixed feelings and love confessions emerges as each brother gets to...