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  • Scars We Bury || On Hold
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    Scarlett Robinson, a 17 year old girl who had a hard childhood, growing up without her own mother , but how did her mother die? She had her first heart break by her boyfriend whom she loved "she now believes that all the boys are the same".. which is a reason behind her sudden leaving from Australia, her hometown. A...

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    A writer? Feel like the deserving amount of audience is not responding? The talents too much to be ignored? Baddies and Edelmen I hereby request you all to enter the realms of this club with serenity. This club is full of raw talent furnished personally by our baddies and our edelmen. Life has dealt you with enoug...

  • The Strange Girl
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    A girl , Elena whose father is dead is acting strange ever since there is a robbery near her neighbour hood . So Tom was told to investigate this odd girl . Once , Tom saw Elena holding up a knife and pointing it to 'someone' . Who is this 'someone'? Why is she pointing the knife to 'someone' ? Why is she acti...

  • The Mysterious Family
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    A baby boy died in the family since then they're identity has been changed , the father changed identity to baby , the sister changed the identity to the mom ........ Peter the investigator went to investigate this case! SPOILER ALERT There is a plot twist at the end . Don't tell me I did not remind you !! Anyway I h...

  • What Happened to Him?
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    A Wattpad exclusive backstory behind The Boy, in theaters January 22nd.