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  • Jurassic Love ↠ Z.M.
    6.6K 181 8

    \\ A Zach Mitchell Love Story // Mack Grady is Owen Grady's little sister. She works as a raptor trainer alongside her brother but doesn't limit herself to that title and considers herself a 'professional Dino-sitter'. Zach Mitchell is Gray Mitchell's older brother. He's a future junior in high school but limits him...

  • Jurassic Love (Zach Mitchell Love Story)
    1.5K 47 5

    Malia Grady is Owen Gradys Daughter. She works with her dad at Jurassic World. She works with the Raptors like her dad. She has a special connection with the Raptors like her dad. Her Life couldn't be any better. Claire asks her to welcome her nephews Zack and Gray that come to stay at the park. Malia can't help but f...

  • Jurassic World (Zach Mitchell)
    25.8K 725 8

    Ema Gordy, younger sister of Owen Gordy, is chosen to be a tour guide for her boss' nephews. Zach and Gray Mitchell. Little does Ema know, she and Zach have met before. Once, when they were 5. Ema and Zach meet again, but trouble soon strikes. The Indominus Rex escapes its habitat, and put thousands of lives in danger.

  • Jurassic World( zαch mítchєll)
    9.5K 187 10

    A new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park. Owen Grady and his sister Malia Grady have been training with the park's four Velociraptors. With the scream of Malia anything would try to get to her so she can be in control. Anything. Everything was going well until the park's newest attraction a gene...

  • The Survivors ➳ Zach Mitchell
    2.8K 97 9

    Pompeii is the only relative to Owen, his precious niece. Every summer she works alongside her uncle with the raptors for the last 7 years. Zach comes to meet his aunt for this summer and Pompeii catches his eye. A few days pass as they spend time together and then suddenly everything falls apart as they have to run f...

  • Jurassic world ( Zach love story)
    12.9K 235 27

    Rose worked with her brother Owen Grady at Jurassic World where she helped train raptors with him. She had always been a rebellious person, and would get in trouble with her boss a lot. But when a new dino is created will she make it out alive with her brother.

  • Only You (Zach Mitchell Fanfiction)
    38.5K 909 10

    Kat Grady is the 15-year old younger sister of famous Velociraptor trainer, Owen Grady. When she meets Zach and Gray Mitchell, her world gets turned upside down. Literally.

  • Jurassic World (Red Head Twins) •FINISHED•
    2.4K 78 23

    Bella is Owen Grady's 17 year old daughter. When he got a job to work with the Velociraptors at Jurassic World, Bella was dying to go along. Raptors have always been her favorite dinosaurs, but when her dad gets to work with them, she begs and begs to go with. What will happen when she gets close with the Velociraptor...

  • Bonding with a hybrid
    8.1K 215 10

    The daughter of Owen Grady Jessie has loved dinosaurs since she was six. Now she has been asked to come to Jurassic World to visit her father and see what he does there. But when Owen is called to evaluate an enclosure of a new attraction for the park Jessie is asked to come along. But after being with the hybrid coul...

  • Jurassic World ❀ Zach Mitchell
    94.9K 2.6K 21

    Charlene Grady, the daughter of Owen Grady, works at the newest, biggest and most successful attraction, Jurassic World. She's just turned 16 and works with the raptors as a trainer alongside her dad. Claire Dearing, her boss, introduces her Nephews to Charlene and she shows the boys the raptors and the connection she...

  • Jurassic World Fanfiction. (Completed). (Under Construction)
    147K 3.4K 32

    "Asset 2067..." "Rebecca" Owen interrupted "Rebecca" Clair said sternly " is our most dangerous attraction here, so she needs to be tested" "Tested? What do you mean by tested" Clair hesitated. "We want to see how she works with people" -------------------------------------- Owen Grady trained the raptors since infan...

  • T-Rex Girl (Owen Grady's Daughter)
    141K 4.4K 16

    FINISHED!! Bridget Grady is the daughter of the infamous Owen Grady. When Bridget gets to spend the summer at Jurassic World to study and enjoy the dinosaurs while her dad works, what will happen when she has a real life interaction with a T-Rex? Will she be afraid, or die, or will she bond with the animal like no one...

  • JURASSIC WORLD (Zach Mitchell fanfiction) (EDITING) (ON HOLD)
    61.1K 1.2K 26

    After Jurassic park closed down years ago, they decided to open right up again and call it Jurassic World. This is Dani she is Owen's sister, but she has brown hair and brown eyes. She works to train dinosaurs like the raptors. Claire makes her give a tour to her nephews. That is when she meets Zach a charming nice gu...

  • Jurassic World - Brinley Grady
    3.4K 71 10

    Where a girl named Brinely Grady, is the niece of Owen Grady, that live outside of Jurassic World. ( DID NOT EDIT ALL CHAPTERS so beware of misspelled words !)

  • Jurassic Daughter [Jurassic World fanfiction]
    62.1K 1.5K 15

    Elliot 'El' Grady is the daughter of Owen Grady, the famous Velociraptor trainer on Isla Nublar, or the theme park, Jurassic World. Elliot lives on the island with her father and is only 15 years old. She's close friends with Claire Dearling, even though Claire and her father have a bit of a rocky history. When Clair...

  • Dorks // Zach Mitchell
    67.4K 2.2K 9

    "Well it's still early, if you're lucky I'll make you fall again" • Dani Grady is a 16 year old girl who lives on the island of Isla Nublar with her older brother Owen. They both work in the islands popular theme park Jurassic World, specifically with the raptors. Everything usually runs smoothly in Jurassic World un...

  • Tougher - Zach Mitchell_Jurassic World
    69.1K 1.6K 10

    Olivia Grady is the youngest employee at Jurassic World. Her brother, Owen Grady, and her work with the Velociraptors. She was there to imprint on her velociraptor when she hatched. Delta is her name and Delta only responds to Olivia. Owen tries but never exactly succeeds. Although his raptors obey well. What happ...

  • Love in the Storm {Zach Mitchell Love Story}
    41.1K 848 11

    Dallen Grady is not your ordinary girl. She is far from that actually. She is the sister of the famous and we'll known dinosaur trainer Owen Grady, so what makes her any different? People would call her crazy due to the fact she trains a T-Rex on the island, but little did everyone know Thalia the T-Rex and Dallen sha...

  • We're a Team ◇ Jurassic World {2}
    4K 205 12

    Jess Grady, sister of previous raptor trainor, recently had a scary, life-threatening encounter with a deadly experiment at Jurassic World. Jess is now living in Cleveland with her brother and with her new friend and maybe more than a friend? The Mitchell brothers and Jess are ready for a great summer! But great? Dr...

  • For Survival ◇ Jurassic World {1}
    15.4K 477 13

    You know the Jurassic Park story, but how about Jurassic World? Owen Grady is the raptor trainer at this newly founded Dino-themed park. His younger sister, Jess Grady lives with him and loves these animals just as much as her brother. After a killing machine, science experiment escapes from its paddock and is loose...

  • Jurassic World (Zach Mitchell)
    28.4K 468 9

    Emily Grady is the youngest employee to work at Jurassic World. All of a sudden a boy named Zach and is brother meet her. What happens when Zach and Emily are being chased by the biggest Dino ever?

  • Raptor Girl
    82.8K 1.6K 16

    Ashley Grady. Owen Grady's sister. Claire's assistant. Asked to tour her nephews. And falls in love in the worst place... Jurassic World. * warning // this fanfic, is cringey and horrible ( to me ). if you want to read it, go right ahead. but just remind yourself i warned you (: All the characters except for Ashley g...

  • Raptor Girl
    42.6K 941 15

    Emma is Owen Brady's helper. For the raptors at Jurassic World. It was all going well, that is, until the hybrid gets out of containment.

  • The Raptor Trainer (A Zach Mitchell/Jurassic World Fanfic
    398 3 1

    *I wrote this story like last year and forgot about it* Parker Rylan "Ry" Grady is the younger sister and co-trainer of the velociraptors at the world-famous Jurassic World. When the park's newest asset, a dangerous mixture of multiple dinosaurs, escapes and wrecks havoc on the park, what will happen? I don't own Jura...

  • The Fate of Us Zach Mitchell X Reader/ Nick Robinson x Reader
    13.2K 533 13

    He was my best friend. He was he only one I had. Through every battle I fought he was there for me. I was the same for him. I helped him when he needed a friend the most. Besides, I loved his family! His family liked me back considering Zach's mom and my mom had been best friends since they were in high school. Zach...

  • Really,now?! {Zach Mitchell X Reader} [ON HOLD]
    10.9K 249 6

    Jurassic World "Really?! You have to be flirting with me RIGHT now, Mitchell?!" "Yeah, really-Grady" ~ Y/N Daughter of Owen Grady ~ [ON HOLD]

  • Only a little
    2.8K 121 2

    Y/n Grady is just a normal girl. She has an overprotective, loving father. If you can call living on an island full of used-to-be extinct dinosaurs and working side by side as a trainer for velociraptors with her father and best friend, Barry, normal. So what happens when shes stuck with babysitting Claires nephews an...