kik; zach mitchell

kik; zach mitchell

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smileykiley: i like dinosaurs, does that make me cute still?

zmitch99: um yes?? are you a t rex, cause you just stomped into my world.

smileykiley: good thing i have tiny t rex arms, i don't have to hug you :))


in which he finds her kik and becomes infatuated with her and all she does is shut him down. but how can kiley kill his ego when they end up meeting in person at jurassic world?

@ passionals, june 2015

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I'm changing it to spider-man could punch me in the face and ill thank him❤
StarsFadeJonas StarsFadeJonas Sep 09, 2017
Oh god oh GOD! Can you imagine?!?! This is so cute aslsjkjsjsjsd
                              •NICK ROBINSON 
                              •LILY COLLINS 
                              •RILEY VOELKEL
                              •DAVE FRANCO.....
                              TO PUNCH ME IN THE FACE
* cries in 7 languages *
                              this is so sad, Alexa play despacito
Leaisaboss Leaisaboss Jul 17
I threw my phone across the room and laughed. Mind you there were other people in the room looking me like 😐😦😑😳 And I’m just sitting there “sorry, Fanfic Laughter *Akward laughter*