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  • Doll⭐Vkook
    30.1K 1.2K 9

    "W-what? No, I'm not yours and you aren't calling me your 'doll'!" "That's what you think, but guess what? I own you now, doll~" [BoyxBoy] [Crossdressing] [All Rights Reserved] [Possible Mature Content]

  • Space Babe ♡ Vkook
    527K 28.7K 119

    "Are you from outer space? Bc your booty is out of this world ;)" In which a human boy named Jungkook keeps getting mysterious texts from a boy who claims to be from outer space. ©CripplingAnxiety. 2016. Wattpad.

  • isolation
    112K 10.2K 31

    the things you think about, they scare me.

  • Moonlight | taekook
    232K 8.5K 35


  • Cover Shop
    139K 7.9K 196

    Where I will make absolutely gorgeous covers for you, utterly amazing people ❤️ [ status: OPEN ] #67 on 03.12.16

  • obeying daddy
    344K 18.7K 15

    sequel to daddy issues - discontinued

  • Annoying Jungkook
    207K 13.8K 36

    You're annoying but you're mine. toptae « bottomkook

  • Suck it. /TAEKOOK
    110K 4.7K 17

    'Suck it.' 'Excuse me??'

  • twincest|vkook ff.
    106K 4.1K 8

    ❝ we're twins, and yet he fucks me ❞ luzeemarieyrayinson7 © 2016 credits to @keeponkissing for the beautiful cover!

  • BTS Imagines
    4.9M 132K 174

    An unusual collection of fluffy, funny, romantic, smutty with a subtle hint of kink Bangtan stories. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ 1. Handle your feels well 2. Don't read in a public place if you don't want people to think you're a crazy person giggling all by yourself; 3. And lastly, hold on to your ovaries cause these boys are ru...

  • Neighbors Dog
    1M 64.6K 78

    "Your dogs always fucking mine."

  • Our Secret (Austin Mahone Fanfiction)
    1.1M 19.1K 36

    "Don't worry, nobody has to know. It'll be our secret." He whispered into my ear. I still remember that night as if it was yesterday; he told me it was going to be our secret and that nobody would find out. He told me I wouldn't get hurt and I believed him. But what he never told me was how to stop. He never told me...

  • ewb: kth&jjg
    120K 4.8K 10

    „fuck you, kim" „gladly" » a push and pull game, now who's going to win? « ⚠ explicit sexual content ⚠

  • earphones° taekook | ✅
    82.9K 6.9K 16

    ❝dear diary, i had to share my earphones today...❞ in which jeon jungkook finds out that life isn't all pink lower case intended. highest ranking : #298 in short story ━ © chogiwang 2016 all rights reserved.

  • Play Hard To Get | JJK
    4.4M 134K 43

    She's the last one to be his target. Will he successfully played her heart just like he did to any other girls, or he'll just die trying? But, eventually the feelings will going to be real. Who's gonna Play Hard To Get? Highest rank in Fanfiction so far: #3 3????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R U FREAKISHLY KIDDING ME...

  • eggshots ☀︎ taekook oneshots
    6.9K 398 2

    ❝Your one stop shot shop for taekook oneshots!❞ taekook! ©︎bwihyungs

  • subservient. » taekook
    51.1K 2.9K 12

    ! will contain mature content ! ❝ be master's good little boy. ❞ jeongguk is a people pleaser, and taehyung just wants to be alone. ··· © humpbaek a vkook fanfiction.

  • daddy | taekook
    247K 12K 31

    ❝since your daddy is an asshole how about you let me be your daddy?❞. ⓒbabyseok NO TRANSLATION. #9 in tae #61 in kim #4 in jeon

  • bunny's petals ❀kth, jjk❀
    1K 106 6

    our delivery's regular customer, mr jeon in room 411, would always be seen wearing a rabbit head. why is he wearing that in the first place? is he a pervert? everyday he'll receive parcels and i'll be the one delivering them. the guy was just plain weird; you can't see his face and he hardly communicates. in other wor...

  • Sweet Blood JJK.KTH
    76.2K 2.6K 41

    +updated story description+ A sad man that has many troubles changes personalities and species overnight, literally

  • Fuck me [J.Jk •]
    74.9K 3.2K 6

    where taehyung, the innocent freshmen thinks fuck means tutor and happens to ask jungkook, a senior, and the schools playboy to "fuck" him.

  • He's Mine• Vkook[Editing]
    283K 10.6K 26

    •Jungkook thought that his life was over but a guy saved him from the debt collectors and he become his pet• "Hey baby bunny, I'm back" "Welcome home,Master~" Top Taehyung Bottom Jungkook

  • The Black Cat // Taekook [ON HOLD]
    1.6K 100 7

    Age is just a number . . . And if two people love each other . . . Nothing should stop them from being together. [Cover by @hyungiii 💕]

  • Mommy
    414K 27.4K 44

    To which single parent Jungkook has a son who calls Taehyung mommy. "Act as my son's mother." "Sorry, what?" ( コ:彡 *・゜゚・..:*・゜゚・* Top!Jungkook French version available: @sugarkookitae Vietnamese version available: @esnismee Vietnamese version available: @yAyIzFuckingSwag Cover credit: Yingen #1 - single father Publi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thrill | Arrogant Rival
    669 49 4

    Jungkook tries to catch the most wanted, cocky thief called "V", who happened to be his lost friend from 12 years ago.

  • Moan || Vkook
    165K 5K 19

    "I bet I could moan daddy better though" A story where Taehyung found out his rommates kink and decides to have a little fun with it

  • DADDY'S ALIEN。 + j.jk
    198K 8.3K 26

    where kim taehyung is a doctor by day hoe by night ;) top!kook

  • criminal. jjk//kth
    189K 12K 29

    Taehyung doesn't know I have guns. He doesn't know what I do. I can't tell him I'm some criminal who sells guns and drugs and kills people for fun; so, I keep it from him. ___ I just can't take any risks with Taehyung. I love him too much. If he leaves me then I will go absolutely crazy and kill everyone I see. No dou...

    268K 20.8K 28

    ❝oh, and kim taehyung. try not to die, okay?❞ ©saintjeon 2017 | disc.