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  • Forbidden Love [bwwm interracial]
    1.9M 78.7K 35

    C O M P L E T E D ☼ Book 1 ☼ - for·bid·den love a love forbidden by family, society, conscience, etc. - Jonathan Stiller, the powerful owner of the successful company Stiller Incorporated, thought he was on top of the world. He had the money, the houses, the cars, and of course, the women. With a simple snap of his...

  • The Virgin Millionaire [BWWM] COMING SOON
    2K 146 5

    "Cause I'm N Luv wit a stripper. She poppin, she rollin, she rollin'. She climbin that pole and-" "I would appreciate it if you stopped." "She trippin, she playin, she playin. I'm not goin nowhere girl-" "STOP! You're being entirely unhelpful!" + w a r n i n g: adult language, graphic sexual content, long chapters Fir...

  • Beautiful And Curvy (Bwwm)
    95K 3.5K 27

    Tasha smith is a girl who doesn't take crap from any one doesn't care what no one thinks and won't stop her from getting some where in life not even a guy she also has never had a boyfriend she has always stuck to studying and hardly ever going out now she is starting a new part in her life after graduating college to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carrying His Baby( A BWWM Christian Romance) #wattys2016 *Published*
    308K 6K 27

    Rebecca is a 21 years old girl who has had a hard life, she moves to America to stay with her aunt who promised to take care of her but turns out to be her worst nightmare. She runs away and ends up living on the streets. Caught in the web of peer pressure, she makes the worst mistake of her life, becoming a prostitut...

  • The Billionaire's Ex-Wife (HIATUS)
    545K 13.2K 14

    Sofia Hamilton suffered great heartache when she saw her husband in bed with her best friend. After 3 years of hiding in Brazil, she finally bumps into her one and only ex husband who will try his all to win her cold heart back.

  • Billionaire's Secrets {On Hold}
    1.1K 46 6

    Naomi Cater is a 17 year old girl that gets kidnapped by a gang leader who's also a billionaire, and owns a empire. She ends up going to a club with her best friend Cassi Delygonie, Naomi left at the wrong time and went in a ally next to the club and witness something that will change her life. [seek peak] "please d...

  • The Price Possession (Wattpad Featured Story)
    3.5M 138K 63

    Taylor Price, well known as a ruthless businessman and a shameless womaniser. Kate Dawson, reporter and sole care taker of her sick grandmother. One night and one careless slip up throws reporter Kate Dawson into Taylor's rogued path. He only meant to scare her out of the city but found himself needing to keep her cl...

  • My Billionaire Boss An Interracial Story (Completed) Book I
    316K 13K 24

    I've always wanted to do a story like this. So please support my book a read it cause I'm really excited about writing it. And yes this book will have a lot of cursing and sexual stuff in it. So if you don't like it. I'm sorry

    Completed   Mature
  • His Ex-Wife.
    5.3M 146K 36

    Milliana Willows is the ex wife of billionaire Rafael Luciano. Accused of cheating and slammed with divorce papers she signs and leaves with her unborn child. Being three months pregnant and divorced was not what she imagined. A year after the divorce Milliana bumps into the one and only Rafael. Rafael Luciano top bi...

    Completed   Mature
  • My multibillionaire husband
    2.2M 69.2K 39

    I was 16 when my father arranged a marriage with a young multibillionaire man to make peace between our families, I didn't want this. Isaac Miller is a multimillionaire, he owns thousands of companies across the world and I'm just Claudia Richardson; 16 years old, kind, innocent and caring. ~~ This is it, the moment e...

  • Been That Way [bwwm]
    46.8K 2K 23

    English-born Lana was raised by her mother and step-dad in central London. She didn't come from a poor family, but they were not rich either; classified by many as the middle class. Money was never a problem but growing up surrounded by a majority of white people was difficult, yet Lana made it work. She never was the...

  • Devil for a husband
    17.4M 699K 65

    "You can't force me to marry you! " I said firmly, making sure there is no trace of fear in my voice but it was pretty much hard to read this guy's expression. He was as thick as ice itself and cold blooded looking. " I know I can. I always get what I want and I never lose. You're going to stand right by my side and...

  • In Your Name I Pray
    6.9K 545 7

    "How are you going to tell me that you're not going to fight for this marriage!" He bangs his hand on the table while I stare out of the kitchen window. "Sapphire, I need you to get it together. Both of us lost her, both, and you're just throwing yourself away, do you think she'd want to see her mommy stuck and home c...

  • Sweet Bastard (Russo #1)
    21.1M 1.3M 83

    Lisa Brooks worked as a secretary to the powerful self-made billionaire, Alessandro Russo for two years already. He hardly noticed her as a person. For him, she was a robot who followed his orders - wearing conservative business clothes and hair in a tight bun. But things changed when they were both caught in a vulne...

  • Falling for my Asshole Boss
    4.5M 188K 39

    Alexis Miller is a 23 year old who is freshly out of college. She was hired right on the spot, when the owner 30 year old Levi Matthews was away on business. When he returns he is shocked to see that he has a different personal assistant. He's very arrogant, intimidating and demanding. Alexis thinks he is one of the b...

    Completed   Mature
    117K 2.9K 34

    "How dare you! Huh tell me.. was I not good enough So you could go and cheat on me Bella? " Brendon screamed. "Br-Brendon calm down"...I said as tears fell down. "AWNSER ME GODDAMIT BELLA!" Brendon cried of anger as he felt betrayed and lied too. "I would never cheat on you Brendon what the fuck makes you think, I w...

  • Once Happily Married
    44.2K 1.4K 8

    Tears streaming down my face as I packed my suitcase. All of the sudden he said he didn't love me anymore and handed me the divorce papers. He told me to sign the papers, leave and never come back. I tried to defense myself but then I felt a slap on my cheek. With no questions I did what he said, due the pain he caus...

  • The Billionaire's Assistant (Bwwm)
    82.6K 4.2K 15

    "Sir. This isn't right at all. You know that bosses and assistants shouldn't be like this. I'm not taking any chances." I say shivering slightly at his touch on my hips. This is bad. I'm starting to fall for him. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. This isn't good at all. It's not good how he's making me feel. I...

  • The Billionaire's Deal (BWWM)
    152K 8.3K 50

    Book 1 Clarisse Thronen (Aka Clara): Hella attitude and fine as hell. Aiden Martin: Billionaire, with a past that causes him to never want to love. When the two meet, hatred is there. But will love complete them? If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk o...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tattooed Billionaire
    104K 5K 24

    Amelia Harper has always known you have to work hard to get the things you want. But when Mr. Elijah Alexopoulos, A billionaire that owns half of the city. Men fear him and women have dreams about him. He wants her to work for him only to have the pleasure of her being around, eye candy but also has a different motive...

  • My New Boss
    566K 15.6K 20

    Zara has always been headstrong and determined to do exactly what she wants. What happens when she meets a man just as determined to get what he wants, when what he wants is her?

  • It Don't Matter
    120K 4.2K 14

    Mickey Waltz was just a simple waitress trying to pay off her student loans. In walks Clint Weston, eldest son of one of the richest men in the country. The day he walked into the diner, Clint knew he had to have Mickey in his life, by any means necessary.

  • Claimed by the CEO & His Brother
    134K 5.7K 30

    *Disclaimer* This is my first story ever. I'm not sure how it will turn out but I'll do my best! "Why me?" she asked. I looked again into her mesmerizing eyes and understood why my brother was so intent on having her. I hardly knew her and I didn't want to let her go either. It wasn't just that she was beautiful. Ther...

  • His Dream Girl
    167K 5.6K 34

    ''Lick it off.'' My eyes widened at Stefan's response. I was in shock not knowing what to do as he continues to stare at me with a smirk on his face. ''Lick... what... off?'' I said nervously to him. ''The salt.'' ''I--- I----- I--- uh.... don't see it.'' ''It's in my bottom lips.'' ''I can't tell.'' He grabs my ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Lost Gem
    79.8K 2K 24

    She Was His Queen, He Was Her World, But He Fucked Up Big Time And Lost His Gem..... The once high-school sweethearts turned into the most adored college couple, to engaged at the mere age of 20 and married at 21. Everything was perfect But it all came tumbling down with one word that still echoes in her mind 5 years...

    381K 11K 31

    20 years old Rachel Cartwright is married to 25 years old Joseph Johnsons for almost 3 years. But everything went wrong when she saw Joseph reaching heaven with her step sister. She left them alone to pack her things and let her divorce papers be sent to him. But what will happen if they'd meet each other after 8 year...

  • My Ex-Husband at My Brother's Wedding
    97.8K 3.3K 10

    "Hello, Josephine." An evil smirk formed on his perfectly carved face. ***** I've been working so hard since that day he told me that he doesn't love me anymore and he wanted a divorce. I asked him why and he just told me that he doesn't love me anymore and that I bored him in bed. It hurts me so much, especially when...

  • The Ex
    451K 13.2K 24

    What do you do with a broken heart and a positive pregnancy test? ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~Highest Rank #43~ I sat there with a blank expression as the divorce papers clattered onto the table from the harsh placement. Looking up seeing his angry and hurt filled...

  • Accidentally Met Mr. Billionaire ✔️
    1.9M 81.8K 60

    Olive Montgomery, a hardworking and passionate girl who writes her own destiny. She lives her life to the fullest and won't fail to put a smile on your face. When her grandmother hooked her up on a blind date, she had no choice but to go. Olive is the type of girl who never ever thought about any guy. She has a past...

  • Curse of Curves
    13.7K 677 8

    My breathing was heavy and I could feel the heat radiating off of him. He was so close, his hands on my hips, caressing, pinching, loving. I didn't care that my back was being painfully pressed into the corner of his desk, nor did I pay any mind to the unlocked door. "I want you," his deep voice whispered in my ear...