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  • [APH] Will My Fate Change Your Destiny?
    2.2K 132 8

    Single parents don't have it easy, especially when having the baby wasn't their plan. Though things are a little different for Francis and Arthur as they are given the responsibility to raise children that aren't even their own. A lonely cashier with big dreams of becoming a culinary arts director adopts baby Matthew...

  • Body swap (FrUK)
    2.4K 390 32

    Arthur and Francis both have to act natural as they deal with a sudden body swap

  • My new roommate (FrUK)
    1.9K 187 18

    Francis thought going to college in England would be a breeze. However he soon realizes it will be tougher than he though after meeting a certain Englishman.

  • {rewritten} Mon chat angleterre
    90 8 4

    A rewritten Fruk fanfic

  • A Prince and His Brit
    165 24 4

    A very, very, VERY boring FrUK fanfic. It takes me a long time to get to the point, so this'll have a lot of chapters. 😎 Also, I'm not really proud of my fan fiction writing skills. I'll try to put some feels in here, and some cute bits as well.

  • Switched
    466 47 10

    A Fruk fanfic

  • Je Reviendrai, Amour
    681 69 7

    It's late December of 2005. Arthur Kirkland is a local stage performer, performing at Moonlight Sonata Bar. The bartender, Francis Bonnefoy, takes curious interest in the brit as he sings "In the air tonight" up on stage. Despite Arthur's apparent annoyance with the frenchman, he finds himself trying his best to come...

  • Mute: FrUk Story
    2K 79 8

    READ DISCRETION! (please) Triggers/warnings: There is sumt in here (It's not very descriptive, but it's there in chapter: "Hung Over" ) There is a part where they consider non consist (Chapter: "Now? No.") This is BxB don't like don't read. Mostly FrUk, Pruk mentioned, spamano is mentioned and probably a few others. A...

  • Mon Chat Angleterre (FrUk)
    5.6K 215 14

    A hetalia fanfic

  • The Dreams We'll Never Live
    1.3K 142 14

    Arthur Kirkland has attended the same school alongside his brothers for his whole life, no new surprises to come his way. Dreadful, depressing full of strife, these words were all that he could use to describe his life. No friends anymore, a rough life at home and terrible thought's that raced through his mind have le...

  • Of Frog Legs and Burnt Tea
    117 22 2

    FrUK Drabbles.

  • A Prince's Love
    8.3K 820 27

    The Prince of England, better known as Arthur, stumbles upon two young brothers after falling asleep in a field. Their father, a man named Francis, entices Arthur causing him to have a "horrendous" feeling in his heart.

  • Fruk: The Crisp Paris night
    130 8 1

  • When It Rains
    511 36 1

    Hetalia. Francis x Arthur. (Boy x Boy) France x England One-Shot A romantic tale of Francis and Arthur, their emotions and how they end up dealing with them. Will the rain be able to get them together? Will love blossom between the two? Will they be able to come to terms with their feelings?

  • Happy New Year! ~FrUk
    60 2 1

    Just a random one-shot. Human names and some French used. Inspired by a post on Tumblr. [2015]

  • Finally Noticed
    47.4K 2.5K 21

    Arthur Kirkland is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia, living alone with his five year old son, Alfred F. Jones. When he takes the case of Francis Bonnefoy, a Frenchman battling his ex-wife for custody of their son, Matthew Williams, will this lead down a road of uncovering the past and healing both their broken hear...

  • The Last Entry (FrUk)
    1.3K 87 9

  • Britain Discovers FrUK Fan Fictions (Hetalia)
    4K 86 1

    This a random idea that I had one time and decided to write. Be warned, this is completely crackish and I was high on air when I wrote it. Disclaimer: Sadly Hetalia doesn't belong to me. Although I wish I could buy it off of eBay.

  • Magnolia Petals
    568 42 1

    Arthur has a secret. He loves the idea of dance, occasionally spending his time doing ballet. But what happens when a certain Nation catches him in the act?

  • Ways With Words (FrUk fluff)
    461 35 1

    When France and England meet at a cafe, they fight over who can seduce the other faster.

  • Kingdoms Collide
    362 31 3

    {This is a FrUk AU} Francis is the prince of a powerful kingdom called "France", and his father's only child. Francis is in love with a woman, and they meet in secret every night... Because even though he is 27, he gets no say in anything - his father makes all the decisions, and has arranged a marriage for him... Wit...

  • Cancelled - Who Are You? (A Hetalia Fanfiction)
    6.3K 299 15

    Growing up with his father, Alfred F. Kirkland is a typical 16 year old high school student. But when a new kid shows up who bears a striking resemblance to him, things won't be the same for either of them. (Warning: Characters may be a bit OOC)

  • Even if Death does us Part (an FrUK Oneshot)
    633 60 1

    They were bickering; It was probably about something useless, but both refused to back down. They were angry; Neither knew about what for sure, but it was hell in that house now. They needed space; Both went their their separate ways for the night, not caring where to as long as it was away Only one made it to their...

  • Outsider
    318 29 1

    aph England one shot Inspired by an animated short that made me cry seriously go watch it It's called The Dam Keeper

  • A Burst Of Color
    2.2K 229 5

    In this world, everything is black and white. Only when you touch your soulmate do you see the world in color, even if only for a brief moment. Arthur Kirkland believes that unlike his mother and father, he will never see the color of the world. Maybe, just maybe, the bastard of a Frenchman can help him see a burst of...

  • FrUk Fluff
    12.1K 412 5

    Yes I love UsUk but FrUk is super crazy cute to! ^^

  • The British Wound, The French Scar
    752 39 9

    England is trying to figure out why France sided with America and why he "betrayed him" (FrUk) (I didn't draw the cover. All work goes to the right owners) (Also this is inspired by Renajuu's Hetaloid cover Rolling Boy) ((it will be rewritten and no longer be really based off the song but rather inspired)) ((I also th...

  • Spade and Diamond (cardverse fruk)
    2.2K 82 6

    In the world where there is four kingdoms, spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts; these kingdoms and their royals are all destined by the gods of the land. They make the rules and they fulfill them. Their destinies lie in the cards. Queen Arthur Kirkland and king Francis Bonnefoy have to find away around the fact that t...

  • The British Man and the Frog
    2.4K 166 4

    Just your average story about an average man- who's British, might I add- crossing paths with a romantic French frog, waiting to be kissed by a certain whomever to become human again.